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Zakk Wylde Parts Ways With The Black Label Order (TBLO)

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Weeks ago I started seeing tweets from Zakk’s wife, Barbaranne Wylde, stating that Zakk would no longer be affiliated with The Black Label Order in early July.  TBLO is a website that promotes and sells Black Label Society gear, offers BLS news, and pretty much anything Black Label.

I have not gathered the full extent of the separation, but it would seem that TBLO has been selling unlicensed  Black Label gear, and other goods, without the consent of Zakk or Barbaranne.  From my experience with Zakk and Black Label Society, I can only assume that the Black Label family/fans were not being treated as they should. Minor details of the feud were aired over twitter and can be seen below.

Zakk recently posted a separation statement on Twitter and Facebook:

I want to clear up any confusion about whether Black Label Society (BLS)
and I have any relationship with The Black Label Order (TBLO).

Let it be known in no uncertain terms that BLS and I are NO LONGER
AFFILIATED WITH TBLO or any of their websites or affiliates; TBLO is NOT
authorized by me to sell any merchandise [OR OFFER ANY FAN CLUB RELATED SERVICES] related to me or BLS; and
perhaps most importantly TBLO is no longer part of the BLS family. Stay
tuned for [AUTHORIZED] FAM Club, VIP Meet & Greets and more exciting BLS news [AT THE BLACKLABELSOCIETY.COM WEB SITE].

And just in case anyone doubts who is sending this, it’s no one other
than me, ZAKK WYLDE — no one is doing it on my behalf, just me giving you
the straight scoop.

@BarbiWylde Twitter


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