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XFactor1 “Stroke Me” Cover. Crank It Or Crush It? [Video]

XFactor1 Press Photo

XFactor1 is following a “new band trend” that has been taking place for the last 15 years or so. With so many unfamiliar, new bands hitting the scene it’s tough to stand out in the crowd. Many bands have taken the move of covering a classic artist to hook people in to their sound and then get them listening to some original tracks. That seems to be what Columbus, Ohio rockers XFactor1 have done by covering Billy Squires anthemic “Stroke Me” hit.

I admit the instrumental is done pretty well on this new take on the 80’s hit, I have to say the vocals just don’t sit right with me. You be the judge. Did XFactor1 give “Stroke Me” a awesome new twist, or just trash a classic, cool song?





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