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Win A Black Oxygen Prize Pack

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Kansas City up and comers, Black Oxygen, have been hard at work. Lately it’s been a non stop tour schedule with everything from huge festivals to smaller intimate shows. You can tell this band is hungry. On top of that they have just released their new record, The American Dream.

Chances are if you live near an Active Rock/New Rock radio station you have caught their latest single “Take It To The Limit” (Below).  Now, even if you somehow haven’t seen these guys on tour, or heard their music on radio, they are stepping it up a notch to make sure you get the Black Oxygen experience. They want to give you a copy of their brand new, full length CD…. FOR FREE!  Along with the album, I’ll be pairing up 2 winners with a Rockstar Radio t-shirt (NSFW)!

Win This Sh*t!!

It’s wicked easy to enter. All YOU have to do is leave a comment in the section below about why you need to win. That’s it. The contest ends this Sunday (June 10th, 2012).

Two first place winners will receive: The new Black Oxygen full length CD + Rockstar Radio shirt (size large)

Two second place winners will receive : The new Black Oxygen full length CD

When you leave a comment/entry below, make sure to give a correct email address. That’s how I will contact you to let you know if you won.  You’ve got your orders, now get crackin! Make sure to check out the new single/video below, and as always, don’t forget your sunglasses.



Official Rules

Contest is open to legal U.S residents only. Contest winners will be chosen at random. By entering the contestant understands that the t-shirt being given away contains the word “fuck” on it, and it may be offensive to some, including their parents. Wear at your own fuckin risk.




  • Pick me! I need new music!!

  • Uhh. here’s my comment. Free stuff my face!

  • John Arthur Kendall

    June 5, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    In a land of lameness that the Blaze has become, I look to my peers for new music. I found Steel Panther thanks to the Rockstar Radio Show along with a few other cool bands. I am always looking for a new jam.

  • Umm I live in Havre Mt where there is absolutely no metal scene and really need something new to show these fools here that there is good music out there besides country!! A new rock shirt always fits in well with all these cowboy hats and boots…PLEASE HELP!!

  • Dude! I’ve been trying to win one of these shirts forever! Hook a brotha up!

  • Hook a mo fo up…

  • Imma need me this cd and shirt. Thanks!

  • Rockstar radio: if your emo brother listens, take back your pink skinny jeans…

  • Hell effin yeah! The Missoula radio scene as far as rock and metal is effin dead . Thank fuck we have people that care about spreading the word on music we would otherwise be unaware of and take care of us the best they can.

  • cause i love to win and need some new music!! fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Me! Me! Me! (pick me)

  • Richard Knitt

    June 7, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Hey bro I need new music now that the Blaze plays Classic Rock and Nickeldouche!

  • Agreed. No new music in the Zoo. Thanks for hookin us up ( and hopefully me wink wink)

  • Crickett Martin

    June 10, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    I am naked and my earholes are empty…. as much as this may seem cool, I am lacking the correct shirt and music. This is where you come in……… (twss)

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