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Volbeat Live In Missoula [Pics + Review]

Volbeat Live Missoula Michael

It was another sonically thunderous Volbeat show in Missoula, Montana. This time the University Of Montana’s Adams Center was packed with fans from all over the Northwest. Check out the live set pics!

Volbeat Live Missoula RobThis was Volbeat’s first time playing the Adams Center in Missoula. A big step up from their usual home at the Wilma Theatre. Opening the show this time was veteran thrashers Anthrax, and Pennsylvania groove rockers, Crobot.

Missoula has been a main stop for these Guitar Gangsters since 2010, and you can tell by the performance they give this crowd a little something extra each time. Trust me, I’ve seen these guys all over the states many times. It’s always a special night to see them come back here.

As I was going through the photos, I found it near impossible to find any of the band members not grinning from ear to ear. They put on one of the most incredible rock shows here, or anywhere else, hands down.  The set list was full of newer tracks from their latest album, Outlaw Gangsters, as well as a ton of radio hits and crowd favorites.  (

Michael has obviously been keeping up with his health regimen. His voice and energy levels were off the chart. At one point he crowd surfed all the way to the middle of the crowd to pick up a young girl and carry here on stage! (Click Here For The Video)

Volbeat will be on the road for awhile longer on this run, so you have no excuse not to get out and see them before they head back to the studio to put together another highly anticipated album.  Take a look at the live set pics from the Missoula show below.

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