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Ugly Kid Joe Release New “Devils Paradise” Video (Review)

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When you think, Ugly Kid Joe, you automatically think I Hate Everything About You. It’s tough not to have every bands one big hit stuck in your subconscious when the name arrises. The fact is, even back in the 90’s the band was much more than that. Whitfield Crane’s vocals are unmistakable (which is an amazing feat by itself), and lets not forget about Shannon f*ckin Larkin. That guy is an animal on the drums!

When Shannon and Whitfield teamed up awhile back in the band Another Animal, I was curios as to how their sound would change from the the 90’s to now, or if it would at all.  I knew Whitfield had been in a few other bands since UKJ, including Life Of Agony. And Shannon of course scored the drum gig for Godsmack. It would be dumb not to think that a little bit of the heavier/darker side of those band wouldn’t make it into the new Ugly Kid Joe Material.

From the first opening guitar riff you knew right away this was a different Ugly Kid Joe. The riff itself has a Godsmack sound written all over it.  Whitfield’s voice doesn’t seem to lend itself to the range that you might be used to, but I think it’s because this track just doesn’t call for it. It’s meant to be a bit slower and lower and darker. The song itself is pretty grimy and isn’t that fun loving UKJ that you might remember, and that’s good. It’s the same band but evolved. Think about it. If they released “I Hate Everything About You” right now, it wouldn’t go anywhere.

It’s my opinion that the “Devils Paradise” is speaking about the dirty streets of Tijuana, Mexico (or any other city) where you can score all your dirty fantasies and desires with a bit of cash. Drugs, prostitutes, booze etc.. The video portrays the imagery of the lyrics very well.

“Every Kind Of Pill, Drinkin’ And Cocaine. Lots Of Dirty Women. Goddamn This Shit’s Insane.”

All in all it’s a solid, rockin track from a great band. Devils Paradise will be featured in the upcoming Stairway To Hell EP.  Check out the song and video below


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