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Trivium “In Waves” Album Review

Trivium – “In Waves”

When we found out that Trivium had been working on a new album, we knew that we might be in for a change. Facebook and Twitter posts from Mathew Kiichi Heafy describing the bands excitement and direction for the new record brought on mixed feelings from the hard-core Trivium fan base. Would the Trivium sound change? Then we found out Mathew cut his hair. We knew this was serious. (See Metallica “Load”)

In Waves opens with a very structured, galloping, swaying track “Capsizing The Sea”. Halfway through the song, you realize

this is a build up for something.. Preparation for controlled chaos. Then, like a

sledge hammer dropping, the title track “In Waves” slams open the record, and you realize what the

next hour of your listening experience will be.

No doubt, this is a new Trivium. Right away you notice less of metal-core vocals from the previous “Shogun” album. The intensity is still off the chart, but its cleaner and seemingly tighter. Tracks like “Dusk Dismantled”, and

“A Skyline’s Severance” offer a darker, heavier taste, while “In Waves”, “Caustic Are The Ties That Bind”, and “Built To Fall” showcase a newer side of Trivium, lyrically and musically.

Trivium is known for the blistering guitar work between Mathew Heafy and Corey Beaulieu, and you bet your ass the band

was not going to stray from that, but you might notice some different styles and tones. “Forsake The Dream” opens with an almost alternative/mainstream rock vibe, and flows almost seamlessly into the aggressive, melodic old school Trivium.

Overall this is great record not only the band, but the fans. Metal Heads are very resistant to change, especially with their favorite bands, but from what I can tell, “In Waves” has been welcomed with open arms. ”

“In Waves” is Trivium transformed into a sonic metal monster!


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