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TRIVIUM Brings Metal To Missoula, Montana [PHOTOS]

Mathew Kiichi Heafy_Trivium

Trivium blew the doors off of the Wilma Theatre in Missoula, Montana, as they opened for Volbeat. Read the review and see the live photos here!

Trivium Live Before they took the stage, I sat down for lunch with Matt and Paolo at the Hob Knob in Missoula. It’s been one of their favorite places to eat when they are in town, so much so, that this was the second time that day they had stopped by.  It’s no secret that Mathew Heafy is a HUGE foodie. He even runs his own food blog. His love of good food is comparable for his love of good Metal.

After a very enjoyable afternoon with Matt and Paolo, it was time for them to get ready for their set that night at the Wilma Theatre. The band is VERY strict when it comes to exercise, diet, and overall tour lifestyle. Matt practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu almost daily, and he wont intake any caffeine or alcohol the day of a show. These guys mean business when they come to your city to play. Something that Paolo said at lunch really stood out to me:

“These fans are paying their hard earned money to come see us, and we want to give them the best show we can every time. We need to make sure we give them their money’s worth.”

That’s exactly what they did. The set list was made up of fan favorites, and Trivium sounded better and performed better than any show I’ve seen them on before, which is many. They gained a ton of fans that night by just being a terrific metal band and terrific guys. Even ticket holders who had no idea who Trivium was, became a fan that night. In short, it was a stellar damn performance!

Check out the live photos of the Trivium set in Missoula, Montana, below:


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