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The Damned Things Interviewed On Rockstar Radio™ (Video)

When I first heard that members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, and Every Time I Die were joining rock forces to make an album, I was a bit skeptical like the rest of you.  Fall Out Boy?? REALLY?!! I’ll be the first diehard rock fan to admit, their debut album “Ironiclast” was an effing rock monster! The term “Rock “N Roll” gets thrown around like slutty girl at prom, but this album is straight up ROCK ‘N F*CKIN ROLL!! Missoula, Montana was beyond blessed to have The Damned Things step foot into the Wilma Theatre to open for Volbeat in April of 2011.


Having the opportunity to have the guys join me in the studio was killer. We talked about how the band came about, how they snagged Keith Buckley to rock the vocals, and why YOU need to buy a copy of “Ironiclast”.  Check out the video interview below:




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