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Steel Panther Release Video for “Glory Hole”. Yes, They Have A Song Called “Glory Hole” [NSFW VIDEO]

Steel Panther Michael Starr

Last week, Steel Panther unleashed their third full length album titled “All You Can Eat“. The album contains hit songs like “Bukkake Tears”, “Pussywhipped” and “Fuckin My Heart In The Ass”. The band decided to go with a more subtle song, “Glory Hole” for a new video however. Watch here.  Read more [+]

Guy Karate Chops Bricks On Fire While Playing Guitar. No Big Deal. [VIDEO]

Guitar fire brick video

Everyone has some weird talent. This guy’s talent happens to be lighting shit on fire and Karate chopping it with his bare hands while jamming on a guitar. Read more [+]

Black Label Society Premiere New Video For “My Dying Time”

Black Label Society

Zakk Wylde/Eone

Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society have just premiered their new video for the new single “My Dying Time” from the upcoming album, Catacombs Of The Black Vatican. Watch here.  Read more [+]

Why Is Metallica Banned From MTV Europe? Watch This Video and Find Out



The story goes, after getting pissed at MTV executives telling them what they could and could not do on their live performance, Metallica did something on stage that would ban them for life. Read more [+]

Avatar Release New Video for “Hail The Apocalypse”

Avatar Band

Swedish Metal Freak Show, Avatar, have just premiered their brand new video for “Hail The Apocalypse. Watch here. Read more [+]

Japan’s Babymetal Is So Adorable It Will Crush Your Face [VIDEO]


What’s all they hype about the group “Babymetal” from Japan? How about the fact that it’s Death Metal mixed with synth/pop, and all fronted by 3 teenage Japanese girls.  Read more [+]

Jeff Gordon Does It Again: Pepsi Max Test Drive 2 Prank [VIDEO]

Jeff Gordon Prank


Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max have pulled another hilarious test drive prank. This time it’s on a reporter who doubted that the first episode was real.  Read more [+]

After Two Years “Call On Me” From Eric Prydz Is Still The Best Video On The Internet

Eric Prydz Call On Me

When our forefathers had a dream of making music videos, this is exactly what I imagine they had in mind. Wow. Just.. Wow.  Read more [+]

Bobaflex “I’m Glad You’re Dead” New Video


West Virginia Rockers, Bobaflex, have released their latest video “I’m Glad You’re Dead” from the new album Charlatan’s Web. Watch it here.  Read more [+]

Neal Middleton of Royal Bliss Wants To Help You Get Lucky This Valentines Day [VIDEO]

Royal Bliss Singer

Forget flowers and chocolate this Valentines Day. Neal Middleton from Royal Bliss has a gift that is sure to get you laid this year. Hint: It’s their new record, Chasing The Sun. Read more [+]