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Volbeat have decided to put a new twist in their video lineup and went fully animated with their release of “Black Rose” featuring Danko Jones.   Read more [+]

Wednesday 13 Releases New Music “What The Night Brings” [Video]

Wednesday 13

Getting set for his new album release, Wednesday 13 has released a new video for “What The Night Brings”.  Read more [+]

Punk Band Front Man Drop Kicks Fan For Taking Selfie On Stage (VIDEO)

Story So Far Dropkick Selfie

I have no idea who the band “The Story So Far” Is. As a matter of fact, I haven’t followed the Pop-Punk scene since the early 2000’s. After catching this story on my Facebook feed, I had to find out more.  Read more [+]

Dope Is “Selfish” In Their Brand New Song and Video

Dope New Song

It’s been way too damn long since we’ve had new music from Dope. Over five years to be exact.  Well now the chicago based industrial metal band have unleashed a brand new song and video titled “Selfish”.  Have a listen.  Read more [+]

Two Toddler Sisters Slay Slayers “War Ensemble” [Video]

Rocksmith Slayer

Children performing Metal songs seems to be the new level of great parenting, and the parents of these two toddler sisters are up for an award. Watch as these kids Slay Slayers “War Ensemble” on Rocksmith! Read more [+]

The Biggest Guitar Fails of 2014 [VIDEO]

James Hetfield Guitar Fail

Everyone from James Hetfield of Metallica to Satchel of Steel Panther have become victim to a guitar fail in 2014, and of course it’s been captured. Check out these Rock Stars throw, smash, or just forget how to use their ax in this video. Read more [+]

Disney’s “Frozen” Song Goes Metal [Video]

Let It Go Frozen

Every damn kid in America that has seen Disney’s “Frozen”, has been singing the theme song non-stop. It’s slowly killing their parents. Finally there is a solution to stop the madness. Metalcore band “Betraying The Martyrs” have covered the song, and it’s heavy as shit. Read more [+]

Dude Shreds Too Hard In This Epic Heavy Metal Fail [VIDEO]

Metal Fail


This innocent bastard just wanted to do a sweet ass shredding video for all of youtube, but instead he accidentally recorded an epic Heavy Metal fail video due to simply shredding too hard. Watch here.  Read more [+]

How Did Dave Grohl Learn To Play Guitar And Drums? The Answer Shouldn’t Surprise You [VIDEO]

Foo Fighters

How did the Foo Fighters front man, Dave Grohl, learn to play the drums and guitar so well? The answer is really simple. Listen to him explain it in this interview video. Read more [+]

Rise Against Release New Song ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’ [VIDEO]

Rise Against

Chicago Punk Rockers, Rise Against, have just released the lyric video to their new song, “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore”. Watch the lyric video here.  Read more [+]