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Ozzy Admits To Drinking And Taking Drugs For Last Year And A Half. Now Sober 44 Days


Ozzy Osbourne Facebook

In a surprising Facebook announcement, Ozzy Osbourne openly admitted to drinking and taking drugs for the last year and a half amidst breakup rumors between him and his wife Sharon. Details here. Read more [+]

KORN Announce New U.S Tour With Brian “Head” Welch

Brian Head Welch with Korn

Korn with Head

It’s been rumored for months that there would be a Korn tour with Head, and it looks like those rumors are true. See the dates and details of the Korn re-union with Brian “Head” Welch.
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Three Days Grace Lose Singer. Replacement Already Named

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace

According to the official Three Days Grace Website lead singer, Adam Gontier, has left the band due to health issues. Three Days Grace has already found a replacement. Read more [+]

Rock Radio Stations That Don’t Suck

So your favorite “local” rock radio station has taken a turn for the worse, eh? What’s a matter? You don’t enjoy Nickelback, Creed, or Puddle Of Mudd’s “Blurry” every hour mixed in with the Scorps and Spacehog? Understandable. Being a radio guy, I’m always on the lookout for rock radio stations that really cater to their local fans, and understand how to connect.  Not only over the air, but with rock festivals, charities, and how they treat their employees.  Here are some of my favorites, including their station links (orange) so you can still get your rock fix, even if it’s all the way in Phoenix. Read more [+]

Watch The Latest Video From Chevelle: “Hats Off To The Bull”

Chevelle Youtube

Chicago rockers, Chevelle, have released the new video from the same titled album, “Hats Off To The Bull”.  The album sold 43,000 copies in its first week and debuted at #20 on the Billboard charts.


I’m not real sure on the premise of the video. Read more [+]

VOLBEAT Announce New North American Tour Dates

Shawn From Rockstar Radio With Volbeat 2011

The demand for Volbeat in the last year and a half has become absolutely incredible! With their latest release, “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”, that has scored them two huge radio hits so far, Volbeat doesn’t see any signs of slowing down in 2012. Read more [+]

Remembering Joey Ramone. My Top 5

Joey Ramone Youtube

In my opinion, the truest form of a “Rock Star’, is being cool without even trying. It might sound easy, but look at the trends and history of Rock music. You basically have two groups. The innovators and the followers.  Joey Ramone was an innovator in every sense of the word. Read more [+]

Is Dubstep The new Disco?

While stopping by a local “Gentleman’s Club”, I noticed about 50-70% of the music the dancers were using was Dubstep.  If you are unfamiliar with Dubstep, just watch any new movie trailer, commercial, or radio station geared toward the 12-35 year old demographic. Seriously, its effing everywhere.


Now, this scene/format is not new by any means.  Until recently it’s kind of been considered underground. I remember local DJ’s tossing in a mix here and there at the clubs back in 2002. I’m sure it’s been around longer than that.. I’m not saying I’m an expert  on the subject, so hold your tongue. The reason this recent influx of Dubstep really interests me, is it’s ability to cross over into other music styles.  Mainly Rock/Metal. Read more [+]