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Volbeat Live In Missoula [Pics + Review]

Volbeat Live Missoula Michael

It was another sonically thunderous Volbeat show in Missoula, Montana. This time the University Of Montana’s Adams Center was packed with fans from all over the Northwest. Check out the live set pics! Read more [+]

Disney’s “Frozen” Song Goes Metal [Video]

Let It Go Frozen

Every damn kid in America that has seen Disney’s “Frozen”, has been singing the theme song non-stop. It’s slowly killing their parents. Finally there is a solution to stop the madness. Metalcore band “Betraying The Martyrs” have covered the song, and it’s heavy as shit. Read more [+]

Japan’s Babymetal Is So Adorable It Will Crush Your Face [VIDEO]


What’s all they hype about the group “Babymetal” from Japan? How about the fact that it’s Death Metal mixed with synth/pop, and all fronted by 3 teenage Japanese girls.  Read more [+]

Slipknot Parts Way With Joey Jordison

Slipknot Drummer

Scar The Martyr FB

Slipknot has just released a statement that they are parting ways with original band member and drummer, Joey Jordison.  Read more [+]

Of Mice & Men Premiere “You’re Not Alone” Lyric Video

Austin Carlisle

Of Mice & Men

California Hardcore Metal band, Of Mice & Men, have just premiered their brand new song “You’re Not Alone” from the highly anticipated new Restoring Force album. Watch here. Read more [+]

Skindred “Kill The Power” Video Released


U.K rockers, Skindred, have released their brand new video for the single “Kill The Power”. It can be viewed here. Read more [+]

So There Is a Volbeat/Ice Cube/DMX Mashup.. [Audio]

Mashup Volbeat

There is a mashup with Volbeat, Ice Cube, and Ice Tea. Ya, that thought you’re having in your head right now is the same one I had.  Have a listen. Read more [+]

Watch This Badass In A Wheelchair Crowd Surf During A Slayer Concert [VIDEO]

Fuck. Ya

Fuck. Ya

Here’s something you won’t see at a Kanye show. Check out this badass in a wheelchair crowd surfing at a Slayer concert! Read more [+]

ROCKSTAR RADIO: No Panty Throwback Thursday [AUDIO]

NPT Rockstar Radio

Awwww Yeeeeaaaa

It seems like just yesterday the sexy, independent women of Missoula, Montana, were calling in by the dozens every Thursday to claim their “downstairs freedom”. No Panty Thursday became a staple of Montana Rock Radio almost overnight. These are some of my favorite call highlights.  Read more [+]

Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare Delivers A Twisted Halloween Experience [Review]

Rob Zombie Haunted Houses

“Shut up and put this bag over your head!”  Those were the first words I heard as I stepped up to enter Rob Zombies “Great American Nightmare“. I haven’t been in any sort of horror house since I was 12. I thought “how disturbing could stepping inside the mind of Rob Zombie actually be?”  Real goddamn disturbing… Read more [+]