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5 Reasons To Listen To Stellar Revival: “The Crazy Ones” (Video)

Stellar Revival

Florida Rockers, Stellar Revival, have released their new single and video for “The Crazy Ones“.  From the first 30 seconds or so of listening, I was pretty much like “Fuck. Yes.” If you are anything like me, you’re a bit tired of all the new rock sounding the exact same. You can blame the record companies, or the bands, or management. Whatever. The fact is a lot of new shit does sound the same, and its really great when you hear something a bit different like this single. I’ve compiled 5 good reasons why you need to listen to this new track. Read more [+]

10 Things Randy Blythe From Lamb Of God Doesn’t Give A Shit About

Randy Blythe/Youtube

Lamb Of God front man, Randy Blythe, isn’t one to hold his tongue when it comes to Twitter. And I’m pretty damn happy about that. As an avid twitter user, Randy uses his 140 character limit to voice his opinions and outlook on everything from American politics, to problems that plague the world. Recently he has even started a campaign to run for President. Although, it’s mostly just to get people educated on what the hell is wrong with how this country is being overseen.


It’s not all serious though.. Read more [+]

When It IS Totally Acceptable To Use The Term “Rock ‘N Roll”

After posting the last article about NOT using “Rock ‘N Roll” after every goddamn stupid thing that happens to you, I started getting many questions and concerns.  “Shawn, when is it acceptable to yell it out Rock ‘N Roll? Is there some pamphlet of information you can give me on this subject?” The answer is no. It’s mostly common sense. And of course there are always variables.  Below I have listed some common situations where you should totally shout the golden words from your giant throat holes.  Remember, this is just a general guideline. Take what you have learned here today and put it to good use.


Situations that definitely call for saying "Rock 'N Roll!" Read more [+]

When Using The Term “Rock ‘N Roll” is Inappropriate

Rockstar Radio

Rockstar Radio

The term “Rock ‘N Roll” is probably the most over used phrase out there today. If not, it comes in a close second behind “Fuck You” or “I Can’t Go Back To Prison!”.  I’m probably one of the worst offenders.  I use it daily, more than once, when I probably shouldn’t.  Lately it has become a verbal crutch when I get super shitfaced. I get super drunk and can’t understand a goddamn thing anyone is saying to me, so I’ll just use it in a response.




Bartender – Can I get you something?

Me – Rock ‘N Roll!

Bartender – Umm.. What’s in that?

Me – (*Pause)   Rock ‘N Roll!

Bartender – I’m sorry I don’t know what that is. Can I get you something else?

Me – (*throws metal fists in air)   Rock ‘N Roll!! Woooo!

Bartender – Get the fuck out. Read more [+]