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Rockstar Radio Exclusive Interview With Johannes Eckerström Of Avatar (Audio)

Johannes Eckerstrom of Avatar

Johannes Eckerstrom of Avatar

In the winter of 2011 a press release hit my email promoting a band from Sweden called “Avatar“. It included a link to a trailer to their upcoming video for “Black Waltz“, and after watching 20 seconds of it, I was hooked. I pre-orderd the album, and started spinning the single as soon as possible. After steadily gaining popularity over the past year, Avatar is heading to the states to play with Lacuna Coil and Sevendust. I caught up with Avatar frontman, Johannes Eckerström, in Sweden before they start the tour to talk about the inception of the band, the creative outlook of Avatar, and what they plan to do once they hit the U.S. Read more [+]

Watch The New Avatar Video For “Torn Apart”

Avatar Facebook

First of all, if you don’t own a copy of the “Black Waltz” from Avatar, what the hell are you doing?! If you remember, this is the new Swedish metal band I start jamming for you during the Rockstar Radio “Heavy Set” back in February.

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