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Static X Live At The House Of Blues (Photos/Review)

Evil Disco was dripping from the ceiling at the Anaheim House Of Blues after Static X left the stage. It’s been years since Static X did a tour, but trust me, the show is as good as ever.

I got to the venue late due to the super convenient California traffic. Also this particular House Of Blues is located on the grounds of Disneyland, making it a complete nightmare to try and get to when you’re in a hurry. Lesson learned on my part. I got to the venue just in time to see Davey Suicide wrap up their set. I was bummed to say the least, but I had been able to catch them on tour with Wednesday 13, so everything was cool. You can learn more about Davey Suicide and check out my interview HERE.

The next band to hit the stage was GEMINI SYNDROME from Los Angeles. I was very impressed with their set. The sound was very original, tight and heavy. I was surprised that I hadn’t heard from this band before.


After a quick change over, it was time for 9 ELECTRIC. These guys are another L.A based band, but with an Industrial/Glam/Rock sound. It was very similar the Static X sound, and one of their songs (Destroy As You Go) even featured Wayne Static on vocals. 9 Electric was a freight train of energy. Every song was catchy as hell and they knew how to work a crowd. The moment they were done I went to the merch table and bought a cd. I suggest you do the same.

After some absolutely incredible opening bands, the excitement for Static X couldn’t have been any higher. I had been wondering how things would sound with an all different Static X lineup (except for Wayne Static of course). Dude, I’m telling ya.. this show was killer! The last time I had seen them was 5 years ago on the Pedal To The Metal tour, and I think that was the last time they toured in general. This one show completely reminded me of why Evil Disco is so goddamn awesome. The set list spanned the entire catalogue, and they even played “Assassins Of Youth” from Wayne Statics Pighammer album. Every few seconds some sexy Go-Go dancers would join the band on stage (one being Tera Wray/Wayne Statics wife) and that of course added a whole other element to the show. Every few songs Wayne would stop and take a shot (or two) and then it was right back into the set. The only one screw up was some broken equipment that stopped them in the middle of Get To The Gone, which was just fine because the band fixed whatever was broken and then proceeded to destroy the room all over again. This was by far one of my favorite shows of the last year. I’ll be looking forward to the next Evil Disco show. Thats for sure.

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