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Rockstar Uproar Festival: A Look Back (Video Interviews)

As if the Mayhem Festival wasn’t enough, Rockstar Energy amped up their summer concert series with the “Uproar Festival“.  I was beyond stoked when they started this tour because this meant a few key things.  1. Rock and Metal are alive and well! 2. If the Mayhem Festival was to far away for you, or you just didn’t have the cash/time to go, you got another chance to see a killer live show in the Summer. 3. More bands got the chance to hit the road and play for bigger crowds and get their music to the masses!


In 2010 I traveled over to Spokane W.A to catch that years Uproar Festival, and snag some interviews for my radio show.  It was great to see bands from across the genre all together in on place for an unreal festival setting.


Check out the video interviews below from the 2010 Rockstar Uproar Festival!






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