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Rockstar Radio Exclusive Interview With Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome

As with many rock bands, members of Gemini Syndrome left their hometowns across America (and even Italy) to find each other on the streets of Los Angeles. Now, with a little help from the radio, Gemini Syndrome plans to unleash their unique sound to the masses. 

Gemini Syndrome Gemini SyndromeGemini Syndrome

In the summer of 2012 I headed up to Anaheim to watch and cover a Static-X show. At the time, I really hadn’t heard of any of the opening bands, but they ended up being a welcome surprise to the constant flow of mainstream alternative/rock that Southern California seems to be saturated with. Right as Gemini Syndrome took the stage, you noticed the snow white hair and goatee of font-man, Aaron Nordstrom. The band didn’t look like the normal set of SoCal rockers I had been seeing.. they seemed unique. And the sound that followed was just that. Even though (as the band would explain in the interview) it was one of their worst shows due to technical difficulties, it was more than enough to get me interested and want to hear more.

Lately Gemini Syndrome has been receiving airplay on nationally syndicated Hard Drive XL With Lou Brutus, as well as a few other shows and stations including Rockstar Radio. I caught up with Aaron and guitarist Rich Juzwick to talk about how the band came together, the idea behind Gemini Syndrome and what the future holds for them.




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