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Rock Radio Stations That Don’t Suck

So your favorite “local” rock radio station has taken a turn for the worse, eh? What’s a matter? You don’t enjoy Nickelback, Creed, or Puddle Of Mudd’s “Blurry” every hour mixed in with the Scorps and Spacehog? Understandable. Being a radio guy, I’m always on the lookout for rock radio stations that really cater to their local fans, and understand how to connect.  Not only over the air, but with rock festivals, charities, and how they treat their employees.  Here are some of my favorites, including their station links (orange) so you can still get your rock fix, even if it’s all the way in Phoenix.



1. 98 KUPD

Iv’e been a huge fan of this station since high school, and it’s always been a station that I wanted to work for. They have led the rock scene in Phoenix for countless years now, and they are one of the most, if not the most respected rock stations in the radio world. They have a morning show that is untouchable, and will usually make you wiz your huggies.  I had the opportunity to head down and cover some bands that played at the annual “UFEST”, and I’ve never been treated so well by anyone before. The entire KUPD staff was absolutely awesome! It’s ran by a great company that is family owned, and they let their employees run the station like it should be.

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2. Solid Rock 94.1 WJJO

JJO Facebook

Madison Wisconsin isn’t very big, but it’s rock stations balls are HUGE! Im constantly in awe at the daily product this station produces in a market #100. Their annual “Band Camp” festival is absolutely inf*cking credible. Every band I’ve ever talked to say they are either one day looking forward to playing it, or that it was one of their best shows they have ever played. They also take care of their local metal heads very well with the weekly “JJO Overdrive” show.


3. The Rock Of Seattle 99.9 KISW


Many friends of mine that frequent Seattle, or have moved there, complain that KISW plays way to many Seattle grunge bands way to often. I just think that city is wicked proud of their rock heritage, and the station programs to that niche. Either way it’s been working for the better part of 20 years. Their afternoon drive show, The Mensroom, slays in the ratings and is always on point with whats going on in the mind of a dude.  Beer, boobs, football and dirty humor. Personally I sometimes get tired of the narrow playlist, but that’s how it works in many large cities. The content that each show/jock provides more than makes up for it though.


These are just a few of the rock stations I find myself streaming from time to time. Being a radio guy, I’m usually listening to learn what other markets and jocks are doing, and not so much for the music.  For that I’m usually rockin my own cd’s or Pandora on my iphone. Seriously. It’s pretty rad when your favorite station goes tits up.



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