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Rock Fans, This Is A Call To Arms!

Phoenix based rockers “Digital Summer” have been on the brink of making it big for years.  They have the sound, drive, fan base and passion. They’ve toured with Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Saliva, 10 Years and more. They’ve rocked venues across the entire county and had hit singles played frequently on all sized radio markets. So why haven’t they made it to that next level?


It’s because Digital Summer refuses to sell their soul to the devil (so to speak).


The music industry has changed so much in such a short period of time.  Killer bands are bought up, and used up, in a matter of months without ever getting a proper shot. Digital Summer has had offers from labels, but they refuse to let someone else decide the bands future.  In short they want to do this on their own terms. With you!


When a band puts the music and fans first, they control their future. Digital Summer has the goods. Take it from me. I don’t recall a band with this much talent and drive to make it big. They connect with the fans like no other, and they have the talent to back it up. Now to take the next step and do things right, on their own terms, they need YOUR help!


Digital Summer has started a Kickstarter Campaign to get the funds to release the next record and finally take their place on that main stage where they belong. Below is the video of Digital Summer explaining why this is so important, and why the fans matter so much in this project.


This is a band I personally believe in.  They got what it takes, and if given the chance to do this thing right, they will make it! Watch the video below, donate what you can, and become part of rock ‘n roll history!



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  • Digital Summer is amazing. They have such a tremendous amount of talent and ability. Their first two albums are as perfect as what you can find, in ANY music time period. With all of that being said, they’re not allowing their band to be corrupted and controlled by others. They’re making this happen the help by the fans, just like me. I personally pledged $30. It’s the smallest thing that I could do to give back to a band that I love so much. For me, it’s an honor to be involved in the creation and distribution of their upcoming CD.
    -James, Maine

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