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Rob Zombie Live at Great American Nightmare [Review + Photos]

Great American Nightmare Live

The scene of horror was set as Rob Zombie closed out his final night of the Great American Nightmare in Pomona, California. His haunted houses delivered a visual and sonic candy land of terror and excitement. Could his live performance do the same?

There is no such thing as a bad Rob Zombie concert. There just isn’t.  This man is a true showman through and through. I guarantee you will always get your money’s worth and then some. It’s goddamn fantastic.

Rob Zombie closed out the Great American Nightmare with special guests Eagles Of Death Metal and Powerman 5000.  All night the crowd was treated to his spectacular haunted house experiences and more than ready for man behind the incredible creation. The mind of Rob Zombie stretch throughout the Pomona County Fairplex and would end that night on stage in front of a crowd of thousands.Piggy D

Recently Zombie headlined the Mayhem Festival, and his stage set was frighteningly elaborate. The stage in Pomona, however, would be much smaller and take away the large pyrotechnic effects and 30 foot robots. Even with his show stripped down, the music and showmanship stole the show.

The band opened with Teenage Nosferatu Pussy, and would keep more or less with a Halloween themed set list with Living Dead Girl, Superbeast, Dragula, More Human Than Human and more. Zombie did break away to play his latest single, a cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band“.  The track is perfect for the band. These guys tour like madman and live on the road a great deal of time out of the year. As a matter of fact, right after this show, they joined up for a stadium tour with Korn.

John 5 Live


Take away the large stage props and fireballs, and it was still a full on Rob Zombie experience. Getting the crowd lubed up with the fright that took place outside helped of course, but it was the energy and dedicated showmanship of Mr. Zombie that made the night. One main thing that I have noticed after the many years of seeing him live, is his stage chemistry with guitar player John 5. These two work incredibly well with each other, and if you didn’t know any better, you would think they have been playing together for 30 years. A lot of that is due in part to John 5. He is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife in any band. He can adapt and work in any situation very well.

What can I say. There is no such thing as a bad Rob Zombie concert. It isn’t in him, or his band to phone it in. The music and Macabre are with every damn penny, every damn time.   Check out the live photos from the Rob Zombie concert at the Great American Nightmare below to know what to expect when you see them on tour.

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