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Remembering Joey Ramone. My Top 5

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In my opinion, the truest form of a “Rock Star’, is being cool without even trying. It might sound easy, but look at the trends and history of Rock music. You basically have two groups. The innovators and the followers.  Joey Ramone was an innovator in every sense of the word.

Joey Ramone (real name Jeffry Hyman) was born in Queens, New York, in May of 1951. Like a lot of Rock Stars, Joey was loner and a bit of an outcast. He was tall and skinny with long black hair that covered his face. Everything from the way he walked to the way he talked wasn’t what you would consider normal. And that is a perfect start to become one of Punk and Rock’s greatest frontmen. Nothing about Rock, Punk, Metal or any sub genre is supposed to be “normal”.  We are the outcasts, and like Joey Ramone, we’re pretty damn proud of that.

In 1974 Joey would start one of the most influential bands of all time, aptly titled “The Ramones“. I can’t even begin to tell you the impact that The Ramones had on every Punk and Rock band ever since. Everybody from Rob Zombie to Metallica. NOFX to Pennywise. Every band that has used one simple power chord to create a masterpiece owes a great deal to The Ramones.  The writings style and lyrics that Joey came up with were simple, fun, bizarre, strange and genius. Everything that IS Punk Rock and Rock ‘N Roll!

Joey passed away on April 15th, 2001. He legacy lives on with The Ramones, even though the band has seen numerous line ups over the years. Attend almost any punk show, and you will probably hear a Ramones cover, or at least a great deal of influence from the great Joey Ramone.  RIP

 “We’re the only band that kept the guts, and kept the excitement, and kept the belief, you know. We never sidetracked. We never went the way of the Clash, and never wanted to get into the discotheques that bad.” 

-Joey Ramone

Below are some of my personal favorite Ramones tunes. Crank your speakers, get out of your chair and start your own solo pogo pit for Joey!





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