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5 Questions With RA on Rockstar Radio (Interview)

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You probably remember RA from their smash hit “Do You Call My Name“. Even though the band has been busy since the mid nineties, they are looking to claw to the top in a super-mega kind of way..

The single, “Super Mega Dubstep” hit my desk a few months back. The band name I totally recognized, but the song title.. well that threw me for a loop.  “Did Ra go Dubstep”!? It wouldn’t be unheard of. I mean tons of bands are looking for any way to get in on whats hot. I said screw it and gave it a listen anyway, and I’m glad I did. Not to long after I found myself getting to the bottom of a few things with RA front-man Sahaj Ticotin .


1. First thing I gotta know.. “SuperMegaDubstep”..  What’s with the song title?

Sahaj Ticotin: When I first set out to write this song I wanted it to be high energy. Super..After writing the first riff it reminded me of Megadeth, and when I got to the bridge, I wanted to do do something that akin to analog Dubstep. After  writing the lyrics, I realized that a song called “You Can’t Go Home” was a pretty butt rock cliche for a title, so I opted for the weird title that described how it sounded more than what it was about, kinda like System Of A Downs  “Chop Suey“.

2. “Critical Mass” wasn’t an easy album to make, and it’s release seems like it was a long time coming. What, if any, extreme lengths did the band go through to get it done?
Sahaj Ticotin: I am a full time working producer and finding the the time to make the record correctly was challenging to say the least. I also had a very specific vision of how I wanted this record to come off. I didn’t want a polite hard rock record. I wanted something that leaned toward intensity for the majority of it. The biggest challenge was definitely the time management.
3. I have never had the pleasure of seeing a RA show live, what can I expect when you guys hit the road this year?
Sahaj Ticotin: I pride myself on sounding as close to the record as I can when performing. The other guys in the band are amazing on stage and give a really passionate performance. Our goal is to sound mature and intense. I think we achieve that when the environment is right.
4. If you guys could hit the road with ONE band to promote this record in 2013, who would it be?
Sahaj Ticotin: Well we’d like to get the most exposure possible so definitely One Direction.
5. Tell us more about “Critical Mass”. What can we expect from start to finish?
Sahaj Ticotin: I really wanted most of these songs to be on the verge of exploding, at least for us. We open the album with “Brutiful”, which really is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. “Awake” is designed to be familiar  territory for Ra fans, but with a bit more grit in my voice than I think they’ve heard before. “Supermegadubstep” is our high energy rock monster. “It’s all over now” has the first of many Arabic tinged metal songs on the record. “Anything You Want” is a song that I’ve liked for many years, and I felt good mixing all the elements for this record. “Won’t Be Home Tonight” is a fun dip into some chords and parts that I really liked. “Running Blind” was the result of a 2011 online contest where the prize was a new Ra song. A Hollow Glow” is an interlude by Ben Carroll to give the record some vibe. “Ecstasy” is another fun but, kinda pervy peek into my brain. “Tragic Empire” is my ode to the great System Of A Down. The “Voise Inside My Head” is yet another Arabic chunky Metal jam. Through The Valley” is possibly my favorite off the album, and kind of a metal opus. Crawling To The Sky” is a heartfelt poetic journey to end the album.


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