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Powerman 5000 at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare [Photos + Review]


Technical difficulties with the drums kicked off the Powerman 5000 set at Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare. It wasn’t a good omen. Could the band turn things around?

Nobody in the crowd was really sure what the hell was going on with the drum kit. To me, it seemed as if there as a problem with the mic and stage amps that ran to the kit. After a good 10-15 minutes of stage crew and even drummer, Dj Rattan, tinkering everything was a go.

Powerman 5000 Live at Great American NightmareIt had been a good 4 years or so since I had seen PM5K live at 98 KUPD’s “Ufest”. From what I do remember, it’s a pretty rockin, high energy performance, and Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare would be no different.

I overheard a girl in the crowd next to me talking with her friends, and explaining that she really had no idea who Powerman 5000 was.  I looked over again about 5-6 songs into the set and noticed she was singing along to Super Villain. That’s the think about PM5K. They have so many hits, and they are one of your favorite band, you just don’t realize it.

Right as the first sound blasted out of the amps, I could tell the sound was going to be crap. Not in any way due to the band, but instead, the venue. It was inside a giant metal/concrete building that echoed everything and absorbed nothing. Even with the shitty acoustics the band put on a great show and got the crowd jacked to see the headliner, Rob Zombie.

Spider One is high energy frontman with a super creative song writing ability. The band executes the songs on stage almost as well as in the studio.  My suggestion, if they are playing near you, go catch a show. They are going to meet or way exceed your expectations.


Check out the live photos of POWERMAN 5000 from the Great American Nightmare Below!

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