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Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium Talks Vengeance Falls, Dave Draiman and More In A Rockstar Radio Exclusive Interview (Audio)

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Trivium bassist, Paolo Gregoletto joined Shawn from Rockstar Radio to talk about the new album, Vengeance Falls. The evolution of Trivium has gained another step with the help of producer, David Draiman (Disturberd/Device), and tireless effort of the band to keep pushing themselves. 

Yesterday, October 15th, marked the release date of the new album, Vengeance Falls, from Florida Metal band Trivium. Earlier this year, it was announced that Disturbed/Device frontman, David Draiman would be producing the new project, and the fan base was met with mixed emotions. Would this change the bands style and sound? What about Matt’s vocals? How the hell do you plan on topping In Waves?  These are question the fans and I both shared.

Paolo joined me on the phone before their set in San Francisco to shed some light on the subject…

The idea of David joining up with Trivium isn’t far fetched by any means, but you have to wonder, how did it come about?  Apparently David has been a big fan of the band for many years, and finally after the two toured together on the Trespass America Tour, they finally made arrangements to work together in “some aspect” down the road. That turned into Dave full on producing the album.

Would Dave be calling the shots, and telling the band exactly how to sound? The majority of us are fans of Dave and the work that he’s done, but I don’t want to put in a Trivium record and listened to Disturbed. Paolo explains:

“There really was never those awkward clashes because David was very open to our input about what we thought of things, and we were very open to trying new stuff. That always been a thing for us.”

 Earlier this week the band released part one of a four part documentary series (above) about Vengeance Falls. The question and concern about this record from the band was, “how do we do this live”? David and Trivium both had pushed themselves musically and vocally to places they have never been. Trivium has always been about whatever is on the record, better be on the stage. Paolo gives some insight on how the band has adapted and how it’s sounding live thus far.

Vengeance Falls is definitely an evolution in the Trivium sound. The work put in from writing to production is incredible. So far, the whole album hasn’t fully grown on me, but as Paolo said, “you need to listen to it three or four times before you really grasp the way Matt pushed his vocals and we pushed our instruments”.

“This is an album that needs to be heard heard from start to finish”  

–   Paolo Gregoletto

Listen to the full interview with Paolo from Trivium on Rockstar Radio below:


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