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Marilyn Manson And Rammstein Perform “The Beautiful People” In Berlin (Video)

As reported, Today(March 22nd) Rammstein and Marilyn Manson would take the stage together at the Echo 2012 Awards in Berlin, Germany. I’m guessing due this being an award show neither band was able to bring the entire stage set they normally use. Ya know, the huge flame throwers, upside down crosses, 9 foot tall stilts etc.. Read more [+]

Steel Panther On Zakk Wylde: “Personally We Liked Him Better When He Was Drunk All The Time”

Courtesy Of Youtube

Recently Guitar World threw their first ever “Rock “N Roll Roast” in back in January. The guest being roasted? The one and only Zakk F*ckin Wylde!  Although Zakk is one of the baddest mo fo’s on the planet, and in my opinion one of the very few rockers carrying the torch in the right direction for the scene, the amount of ammo to bust this guys balls is never ending. Read more [+]

St. Patrick’s Day Fail Highlights From Around The World (Videos)

Lets face it.  Most people have no idea what the premise of St. Patricks day is, including me.  As far as I know it has something to do with some dude in Ireland beating the shit out of some snakes with a giant stick.  Somehow that has evolved into a day where the entire world (yes, not just America and Ireland) throws on a Dropkick Murphy’s shirt, gets completely David Hasslehoff drunk, and makes some very questionable decisions. Check out some of the greatest ST Patrick’s Day Fails from around the globe. Read more [+]

Motley Crue And Kiss Announce U.S Tour Dates

Courtesy Of Vince Neil Twitter

Weeks ago Motley Crue and Kiss announced that they would be hitting the road for “The Tour” in the Summer of 2012. Two of the biggest rock bands on the road (although the actual current KISS lineup is kind of a joke. No Ace Frehley? Gimmie a break, dude..) together could be a huge hit, or a huge fail. When you have two bands (or bass players) with big egos on the road together, problems are bound to come about. Who gets the bigger dressing room? Who gets to headline from night to night? You get the point. Read more [+]

Nerd Rage!

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We’ve all seen the kids at the mall playing this goddamn “Magic” game. To be fair, I don’t exactly know what it is, so I can bash on it. However, the people playing look like your stereotypical virgins. I’m not talking Jonas Brothers virgin either. I mean the “I live in my moms basement pounding gallons of code red while arguing about Star Trek virgins”.  Read more [+]

Ministry Debuts New Video for “99 Percenters”

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Al Jourgensen has always been a man of the people. He’s constantly taken a stand against the government. The Ministry catalogue is chalk full of tracks against war for oil, taxes, or just the entire George Bush campaign. For the most part, Al did this all while jacked up on heroin, crack, booze, and god knows what else. At some point something has got to give, and the lifestyle finally took its toll on Al.  In 2007 Jourgensen almost died on his bathroom floor when an ulcer burst in his stomach causing blood to gush out of his mouth, nose and penis. Read more [+]

Goodnight, And Good Luck

..As I sit here listening to Irish Pub songs on Pandora (Yes, Pandora. As much as I love radio, it kind of sucks lately. Call it lack of balls. Lack of passion or innovation.. Whatever.  Anyway, Pandora just plays music.  It’s like an ipod. No talking. Very few commercials.. Wait. Fuck. I’m rambling) and thinking about all the incredible times I’ve had rocking the Missoula airwaves. Read more [+]

St. Patricks Day Interview With Tim Brennan Of The Dropkick Murphy’s

Album Logo Courtesy Of Facebook

In 2011 before hitting the stage in their hometown of Boston, I caught up with Dropkick Murphy’s guitarist, Tim Brennan. The Dropkick Murphy’s were just getting ready to release their album “Going Out In Style”, and I caught up with Tim Read more [+]

Rockstar Radio VS Telemarketers (Audio)

Most people hate telemarketers. As soon as you answer the phone and you hear the b.s pitch from the other end, ya hang up.  I, however, see how long I can mess with them.  Wether it’s trying to get them to fund my illegal panda meat business, Read more [+]

Rock Fans, This Is A Call To Arms!

Phoenix based rockers “Digital Summer” have been on the brink of making it big for years.  They have the sound, drive, fan base and passion. They’ve toured with Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Saliva, 10 Years and more. They’ve rocked venues across the entire county and had hit singles played frequently on all sized radio markets. So why haven’t they made it to that next level? Read more [+]