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Zombie Apocalypse? There’s A Map For That.

The rise in Zombie popularity and concern for a takeover in the recent years has got me freaked. Ya, sure they have always had their little niche in pop culture, but why the hell is the topic on the rise at an alarming rate? Movies, books, survival guides, scientific studies etc. Could it happen?! And what if it does?!  YOU NEED A PLAN!


Me? Well like most Montanans I have sh*tload of guns. Thats the first thing I’m doing. Grabbing them all and hitting the road. I’m heading home to the family farm where I can hold up for as long as I need, provided I have the necessities. I suggest you do the same. My suggestion for priorities:  Read more [+]

Revolver Magazine Golden Gods Streaming Live Here!

Nikki SixxIf you can’t make it out to Club Nokia in L.A, no worries.  Revolver Magazine has gotcha covered!  This years award show won’t be broadcast later on VH-1 like in years past.  Instead the magazine has locked down an exclusive deal with X-Box live, or you can watch the stream via there Facebook page tonight. Read more [+]

This Guy Can Hear You Have Sex

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We’ve all probably had neighbors that, at one time or another, we have heard locking pissers. A study has shown that around 200 million couples have sex everyday. It would be naive to think that somebody isn’t gonna hear a good percentage of that humping. Read more [+]

Listen To Godsmack’s Cover Of “Rocky Mountain Way” (Audio)

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It has been rumored that Godsmack would be releasing a new album consisting of half live tracks, and half cover tracks.  Well the cover part of the whole thing has been shed a little more light.  Check out their latest cover of the Joe Walsh track, “Rocky Mountain Way” Read more [+]

When It IS Totally Acceptable To Use The Term “Rock ‘N Roll”

After posting the last article about NOT using “Rock ‘N Roll” after every goddamn stupid thing that happens to you, I started getting many questions and concerns.  “Shawn, when is it acceptable to yell it out Rock ‘N Roll? Is there some pamphlet of information you can give me on this subject?” The answer is no. It’s mostly common sense. And of course there are always variables.  Below I have listed some common situations where you should totally shout the golden words from your giant throat holes.  Remember, this is just a general guideline. Take what you have learned here today and put it to good use.


Situations that definitely call for saying "Rock 'N Roll!" Read more [+]

Listen To The New Halestorm Album, “The Strange Case Of…”

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Halestorm’s new album, “The Strange Case Of..” has been posted online in it’s entirety. The new latest release from Halestorm will hit stores on April 10th. Read more [+]

When Using The Term “Rock ‘N Roll” is Inappropriate

Rockstar Radio

Rockstar Radio

The term “Rock ‘N Roll” is probably the most over used phrase out there today. If not, it comes in a close second behind “Fuck You” or “I Can’t Go Back To Prison!”.  I’m probably one of the worst offenders.  I use it daily, more than once, when I probably shouldn’t.  Lately it has become a verbal crutch when I get super shitfaced. I get super drunk and can’t understand a goddamn thing anyone is saying to me, so I’ll just use it in a response.




Bartender – Can I get you something?

Me – Rock ‘N Roll!

Bartender – Umm.. What’s in that?

Me – (*Pause)   Rock ‘N Roll!

Bartender – I’m sorry I don’t know what that is. Can I get you something else?

Me – (*throws metal fists in air)   Rock ‘N Roll!! Woooo!

Bartender – Get the fuck out. Read more [+]

Listen To The New HELLYEAH Single “The War In Me” (Audio)

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Hellyeah has released their first single “War In Me” for download. “Band Of Brothers”, the bands third album, will hit stores on June 5th.  You can download the new single right now via Itunes. Read more [+]

Marilyn Manson Releases “No Reflection” Video

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Shock rocker (if that even exists anymore), Marilyn Manson has released the first video from his upcoming album, “Born Villian”, which will be released on May 1st. Read more [+]

Dee Snider Goes Broadway! Listen To “Ballad Of Sweeny Todd” Here!

“Blood, Death, And Murder Most Foul… It Sure Sounds Like A Heavy Metal Song To Me!” -Barry Lyons, Rent-A-Label


Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider, is most notably known for donning multi-colored shoulder pads with matching make-up and changing the Heavy Metal scene completely in the 80’s with songs like “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock”. Oh ya, he also might of single handedly saved Rock music by taking on the PMRC back in ’85 to make sure that not just Rock music, but all music couldn’t be censored.


Lately Dee has been a busy guy. You might remember his reality show with his family, “Growing Up Twisted”. And lately it was announced that he will join the Black Veil Brides to perform “I Wanna Rock” at the 2012 Revolver Golden God Awards! Now Dee has ventured his talents into a whole new realm of entertainment. Broadway! When I first head Dee was going to be putting together a Broadway inspired record, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how Metal can Broadway be? Within the first few seconds of his rendition of “Sweeny Todd”, I was a believer. This track straight up gets after it! Read more [+]