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VOLBEAT Announce New North American Tour Dates

Shawn From Rockstar Radio With Volbeat 2011

The demand for Volbeat in the last year and a half has become absolutely incredible! With their latest release, “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”, that has scored them two huge radio hits so far, Volbeat doesn’t see any signs of slowing down in 2012. Read more [+]

Soundgarden Offer “Live To Rise” Single For Free. Get It Here!

Soundgarden Facebook

After more than 15 years, Seattle rockers “Soundgarden” have released their first studio single. And you can download it for free on Read more [+]

Watch The New Avatar Video For “Torn Apart”

Avatar Facebook

First of all, if you don’t own a copy of the “Black Waltz” from Avatar, what the hell are you doing?! If you remember, this is the new Swedish metal band I start jamming for you during the Rockstar Radio “Heavy Set” back in February.

Read more [+]

Remembering Joey Ramone. My Top 5

Joey Ramone Youtube

In my opinion, the truest form of a “Rock Star’, is being cool without even trying. It might sound easy, but look at the trends and history of Rock music. You basically have two groups. The innovators and the followers.  Joey Ramone was an innovator in every sense of the word. Read more [+]

Listen To The New Linkin Park Single “Burn It Down”

Facebook Album Cover

The new Linkin Park album, Living Things, is ready to drop on June 26th. To get ready for the release, they are streaming their first single from the bands 5th studio album. Read more [+]

10 Things Randy Blythe From Lamb Of God Doesn’t Give A Shit About

Randy Blythe/Youtube

Lamb Of God front man, Randy Blythe, isn’t one to hold his tongue when it comes to Twitter. And I’m pretty damn happy about that. As an avid twitter user, Randy uses his 140 character limit to voice his opinions and outlook on everything from American politics, to problems that plague the world. Recently he has even started a campaign to run for President. Although, it’s mostly just to get people educated on what the hell is wrong with how this country is being overseen.


It’s not all serious though.. Read more [+]

Watch The New Rob Zombie Directed Commercial Here

Mr. Zombie is no stranger to the cinematic screen.  As a matter of fact he is directing his new project, “The Lords Of Salem”.  You also might remember the two horror films he wrote and directed, “House Of A Thousand Corpses” and “The Devils Rejects“. Read more [+]

Watch Trivium Perform “Creeping Death” With Corey Taylor And Robb Flynn Live From The Golden Gods

Courtesy Of Youtube

Last night’s (4/11) Revolver Golden God Awards was one of the best yet. As a fan, I’ve come to expect some really big, really awesome surprises. Revolver does a great job of keeping things secret until the very last minute, and this one was no exception. Last year Corey Taylor jumped on stage with Duff Mckagan’s “Loaded” to perform the Judas Priest cover of “Electric Eye”. This year, he jumped up with one of my favorite metal bands, Trivium, to cover Metallica’s “Creeping Death”. Along with Mr. Taylor, was Machine Head main man, Robb Flynn! (One of Mathew Heafy’s all time Idols).


Seeing some of my favorite bands in one place, getting together at the last minute to jam gives me a full on Metal Boner. #NoHomo Read more [+]



It’s hard to believe that “Vulgar Display Of Power” is 20 freeking years old! I challenge any band to this day to come up with an album that has that much controlled aggression and creativity. Not to mention the production value! After getting some special material ready to release for the 20th Anniversary Edition, Vinnie Paul came across something that we thought we would never hear. NEW PANTERA MUSIC!!  The song, “Piss“, had been lost in the vaults for 20 years, and finally made it’s premiere at last nights Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Read more [+]

2012 Revolver Golden Gods Award Winners (Video)

Courtesy Of FacebookWhen Revolver Magazine does an award show, they don’t hold back.  This years “Golden Gods” was no different. After attending the last two, I knew there was going to be a ton of surprises in store, and Revolver delivered. During Trivium’s set, Rob Flynn of Machine Head, and Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour jumped on stage to cover Metallica’s “Creeping Death”!  Hell even Johnny f*ckin Depp was on hand to jam with Marilyn Manson! From the Black Carpet to the encore, the buzz is it was another epic award show! Once again this year Revolver put the voting into the fans hands, and this is who you voted as winners! Read more [+]