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ROCKSTAR RADIO: No Panty Throwback Thursday [AUDIO]

NPT Rockstar Radio

Awwww Yeeeeaaaa

It seems like just yesterday the sexy, independent women of Missoula, Montana, were calling in by the dozens every Thursday to claim their “downstairs freedom”. No Panty Thursday became a staple of Montana Rock Radio almost overnight. These are some of my favorite call highlights. 

I’ll admit, the idea was a huge gamble. I mean could Rock Radio really get chicks to drop their panties, or convince them to not even put any on? If I’ve learned one thing from No Panty Thursday, its that women actually prefer not to wear underwear. They only need a reason to drop’em down. I would like to take credit for this past radio phenomenon, but the truth is, it was the badass Missoula women that made those Thursday’s so damn awesome.

The serious business woman that needed to cut loose. The repressed soccer moms. The students stressed to the max during their last finals exam. The secretary with huge knockers. The shy housewife that just wanted to break free and let the world know she was actually a freak.

Ladies, No Panty Thursday was your day. I sincerely hope you still live that dream. So once again for this Thursday, drop your underwear down, and put your fist in the air!

Take a listen to my favorite No Panty Thursday highlights in the player below!

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