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Motley Crue Announces Final Tour. What You Need To Know and My Thoughts

Motley Crue Tour Final

The four original members of Motley Crue took to the Press table for the last time today to announce the details for their final tour. It wouldn’t be Motley if they didn’t go out in style, their way. Find out the details and the pros and cons of the tour to come here. 

The band had been hinting about a farewell tour for almost the full year of 2013. All good things must come to an end, sadly. Motley has been, and always will be my favorite band of all time. The spirit, style, aggression, and debauchery of Rock music were taken to new levels by Motley, and can never be matched. Seriously, you’ll die trying.

Lots of positive details emerged from the press conference, and sadly, some negative ones. That’s just my opinion.  Lets break them down with the pros and cons.

Motley Crue Farewell

Motley Crue Final Tour Press Announcement


  • This will be their final tour. No way around it. Motley Crue will not be touring at any point after this stint. Each band member signed a legally binding document that states no member of the band can use the trademark “Motley Crue” on the road after this run. If they try, they will be sued into oblivion. This means big things for the fans. This is a promise to you and each band member to go out in class.

    Motley Crue Mick Mars

    Motley Crue signing the legal document

  • The opening act is non other than Alice Cooper.
  • Ticket prices will be kept affordable as possible, starting at $20 and even some shows down to $15
  • The Dirt” movie is finally being made! Jackass Director, Jeff Tremaine, has been tapped to make the movie a reality. The goal is to start shooting this summer, and have it hit theaters by 2015
  • As far as new albums go, that is still a possibility. When asked the question, the Nikki Sixx said “you’ll just have to wait and see”.
  • Each band member will still be creating music on their own. Mick is excited about finally pursuing his solo record. Tommy has his hands in the DJ/EDM scene. Nikki has an incredibly successful side project, SIXX AM, and a super shitty syndicated radio show, SIXX SENSE. Vince has been dabbling in the restaurant biz for a long time, and of course has his solo group.


  • As part of the big send off, a representative from Motley’s record label said they are in the works to make a big Tribute album… by Country singers. I’m not talking David Allen Coe Country either. I’m talking Leann Rimes and Rascal Fucking Flatts country.  Make sure to rake in every last dollar you can, assholes.
  • The tour is sponsored by Dodge. That means your are going to have their product shoved down your throats at the shows, and now The Crue’s music will be used in ton of new car ads.



All in all this is a positive, but sad announcement. I’ve seen Motley Crue countless times, and knowing that this will be the last time is like saying goodbye to an old friend. The Crue was the first band that truly made me realize that I wanted to be involved in Rock Music for the rest of my life, and that was like at age 5. The goodbye will be bittersweet.


Here’s to Motley Crue, the most reckless, eccentric, destructive, and amazing band on the whole fucking planet.

“If you want to live life on your own terms, you gotta be willing to crash and burn!”

-Motley Crue 1981-2014

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