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Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God took to the brand new Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Missoula this past weekend to do one thing and one thing only according to frontman, Randy Blythe. 

“Hello Missoula!  If you don’t know we are Lamb Of God from Richmond fucking Virginia, and we’ve come here to do one thing and one thing only.  COMPLETELY FUCK SHIT UP”!    – RANDY BLYTHE

That’s exactly what they did, my friends.  Ripping through songs that spanned “As The Palace Burns” to the latest “Duke”,  LOG made the brand new venue feel like home.  Randy only took a short break to let the crowd know that they almost bailed on the set to go fishing in the river that runs right behind the stage.  Warming up the crowd, and getting them to spend energy knowing that Slayer would be up next wasn’t an easy task, but Lamb Of God have been doing it night after night on this tour.   Check out the live pics from their set in Missoula!


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