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Korean Girl Gives Hendrix A Twist Using A Gayageum [VIDEO]

Gayageum Hendricks

A young Korean woman, simply known as ‘Luna’, has put together her rendition of Voodoo Child from Jimi Hendrix using an instrument known as a “Gayageum”.

You’re probably asking yourself, “what the hell is a Gayageum”? Don’t worry. I had no idea either.  Wikipedia defines it as

“The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument, with 12strings, though some more recent variants have 21 or other numbers of strings. It is probably the best known traditional Korean musical instrument.[1] It is related to other Asian instruments, including the Chinese guzheng, the Japanese koto, the Mongolian yatga, and the Vietnamese đàn tranh.”

Ya.. so there ya go.  Anyway it apparently can be used to make a rocking cover of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child.  Check it out!

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