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Jeff Gordon Does It Again: Pepsi Max Test Drive 2 Prank [VIDEO]

Jeff Gordon Prank


Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max have pulled another hilarious test drive prank. This time it’s on a reporter who doubted that the first episode was real. 

Last year we witnessed professional Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon, take an unsuspecting car salesman on the ride of his life. If you haven’t watched the episode, click HERE.

After the video went viral a few skeptical reporters came out and claimed the whole thing was a fake. One reporter in particular, Travis Okulski, really went after Jeff and Pepsi. Well this round, it was time for some payback.

With help from a friend of Travis, he was set up to take the ride of his life. Check out the hilarious new Test Drive Prank.

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  • I am not a Jeff Gordon fan but that was awesome I respect that he did a great job getting that reporter that was the sweetest thing. I wish I could have been there .to actually see the look on his face in person lol

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