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Is Charlie From Always Sunny The Real Lead Singer Of Fozzy? (Audio)


Is Charlie From Always Sunny And Chris Jericho From Fozzy THE SAME GUY?!

It’s been bothering me for awhile. The question kept coming up every time Fozzy popped up on my Itunes. Who the hell does Chris Jericho sound like? Then, like a total Jabroni, it hit me. 


Chris Jericho is known mostly for destroying people in the ring, but you may not know, homeboy is a total Metalhead. He’s been a standing host at the Revolver Golden God Awards, and recently has even started his own band called “Fozzy“. Chris is the lead singer.. or the he would have you believe.

Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) is a lonely janitor for a rundown bar called Patty’s Pub. His only talents are huffing glue and writing cryptic songs about being raped by a dude at night. While his songs remain a bit “underground”, after some time, I concluded that the vocals of Fozzy’s “Sandpaper” and Charlie’s famous “Night Man” song sound eerily similar. I put the two songs together to compare. I’ll let you make your own decision from here..


No copyright infringement intended


*Note:  Dear, Chris Jericho

If for any reason this ends up in front of you, there is no harm intended. If you still feel the need to duel me, I cannot beat you in a fist fight, sir. May I suggest something more “even” like drunk checkers?



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