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Filter Denied Entry Into Denver Restaraunt Because of Drummers Neck Tattoo (VIDEO)

Filter Denied Neck Tattoo

Tonight after a show In Denver, Jeff Fabb of the band Filter, was denied access to Brothers Bar And Grill because of his neck tattoo. Check out the video.

From what we can gather via the Filter Facebook, Filter drummer, Jeff Fabb, was heading in to Brothers Bar and Brill in Denver, Colorado, and was denied service do to his neck tattoo. The tattoo itself was not offensive or racist in anyway.  After being denied entry, Jeff returned to the Filter bus to let lead singer, Richard Patrick, know that he wouldn’t be allowed in, and that’s when shit hit the fan.

Richard grabbed his phone and set out to capture the doorman once again denying Jeff entry inside. After recording the incident, Richard uploaded the video to Facebook and is calling for everyone to share the video and boycott the establishment.

Jeff was by himself and got denied. He came back to the bus and told Richard. Richard got pissed went back with him and filmed Jeff being denied for a second time. Richard knew what was going to happen and he filmed it to RAISE AWARENESS!” –Filter FB

I just want to stop and make clear that it’s not the doorman’s fault here. He’s following some shitty rules for most likely a shitty paycheck. Just remember he’s doing his job.  Watch the video below:


  • You are incorrect it was not Brother’s BBQ. It was Brother’s Bar and Grill in LODO. There’s even another place called my Brother’s Bar….

  • Story doesn’t look like it was updated to reflect the correct business. And don’t be angry at the bar, be angry at the gang activity that has been spouting up in the area. Neck tattoos are frequently associated with gangs. His choice to ink his body. Their choice to deny his entry.

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