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Eagles Of Death Metal Live At Great American Nightmare [Review + Photos]

Eagles Of Death Metal

Jesse Hughes “The Devil” Hughes, AKA “Boots Electric“, and the Eagles Of Death Metal rocked Pomona as they opened for Rob Zombie at the recent Great American Nightmare.

I’ve been a huge EODM fan for many years now. The band is kind of elusive when it comes to live shows, and I finally got my chance to see them at the recent Great American Nightmare as the opened for Rob Zombie! A huge honor for one of only two halloween shows for his (Rob Zombie) big haunted house/concert experience.

EODM GuitarWith a name like “Eagles Of Death Metal” (the band couldn’t be any further from Death Metal btw), it’s obvious they have a stellar sense of humor. Moments before they took the stage, guitar player, Dave Catching, came out dressed as a half cowboy and half Gandalf to check his pedals. You knew right there it was going to be a killer night.  As a matter of fact the entire band except Jess Hughes was dressed up.  Jesse would later explain:

EODM Jess Hughes“I really must apologize for my lack of costume. I was honestly so excited to play for you guys before Rob Zombie on Halloween, I forgot to dress up. This is my last minute Doc Holiday outfit!”                                                                        

  As the band ripped through song after song, it was apparent. Eagles of Death Metal sweat pure rock ‘n roll. No doubt about it. The swagger and attitude that come along with dwelling deep inside the genre is apparent in every chord and every step EODM took on stage.

I was  disappointed in the sound, however. Not due to any part in the band or the sound engineer. The venue inside the L.A County Fairplex in Pomona is pure concrete and metal. Pretty much the absolute worst place you could hold a concert. Even with a giant crowd moving and singing every word, it wasn’t enough to soak up the echos caused from the anti-acoustic environment.  I feel the band kind of got boned there, but I think everybody understood how good the band actually was, and will be back to see them at the next nearest show. I know I will. Take a look at the live photo gallery from the Eagles Of Death Metal show from the Great American Nightmare show below.



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