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Digital Summer Destroys Missoula Live at Wilma Theatre [PHOTOS]

Digital Summer Live

On what could be one of the biggest tours of the bands career, Phoenix rockers, Digital Summer, brought down the house at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula, Montana. See the photos here.

Ian Winterstein of Digital SummerBeing a successful, totally independent rock band in todays music industry is almost unheard of. Digital Summer are definitely the exception to the rule. These guys run every aspect of their career. That includes production, merch, media, tour management, album production and everything in between. To be able to do this requires and iron will, and a drive to work harder than the band next to you with big label support. That drive and determination directly crosses over to their stage show.

Opening for Volbeat and Trivium is a pretty damn big deal, and you bet Digital Summer isn’t taking it lightly. Even before hitting the stage the band came out to do  listener/fan acoustic set for the local rock station, 96.3 “The Blaze“.  It was a full day of work for these guys, and I have to say, they brought the noise by the time they hit the stage at the Wilma.  See the live show photos below, and make sure to stop by their site and grab a c.d and show them your support!



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