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Chevelle Live In Missoula [PICS + REVIEW]

Chevelle Live In Missoula

Chevelle recently stopped by the Wilma Theatre in Missoula, Montana, to rock a show in support of their latest album La Gargola. Check out the live set pics and review below!

In my opinion one huge deciding factor for a band to prove that they are actually worth a damn is playing live. Almost every day there is handful of new bands jumping on the scene that won’t last. One hit single does not make you a success. Writing killer songs, and performing them live, on the road, is where a band makes a name for themselves.

Chevelle Live In Missoula

Chevelle has become a huge success in the past 15 years for a few simple reasons. They’re damn good musicians. The sound they put out in the studio is the same sound you get at a live show, and it’s as solid as it gets. Here’s 3 guys that put out more sound, and bleed more talent, than most bands with 5 or more members.

With a newly released album under their belt, they hit up the Wilma Theatre in Missoula to prove that point once again.  The set list was stacked with hits from “Seeing Red” to the latest singles “Take Out The Gunman” and “Hunter Eats Hunter“.  The crowd was on level 10 from the first chord, and you bet they knew every single word to every song.  Chevelle isn’t a band that needs crazy props, pyro, or twirling drum sets. They hit the stage with guitars, drums, lights, and let the music do the rest.

Let’s not forget about frontman, Pete Loeffler. This guys is one of the most talented riff writers in the game. His different guitar tuning from song to song is a nightmare for guitar techs. Pete can find a heavy, thick Chevelle Live In Missoulagroove in almost any key. It’s always a cool surprise to hear what he comes up with next.


Chevelle, to me, is a working mans band. They give you your money’s worth every show, and it’s a hell of a good time. Missoula was no different! Check out the live set pictures below.


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