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Rock Radio Stations That Don’t Suck

So your favorite “local” rock radio station has taken a turn for the worse, eh? What’s a matter? You don’t enjoy Nickelback, Creed, or Puddle Of Mudd’s “Blurry” every hour mixed in with the Scorps and Spacehog? Understandable. Being a radio guy, I’m always on the lookout for rock radio stations that really cater to their local fans, and understand how to connect.  Not only over the air, but with rock festivals, charities, and how they treat their employees.  Here are some of my favorites, including their station links (orange) so you can still get your rock fix, even if it’s all the way in Phoenix. Read more [+]

Remembering Joey Ramone. My Top 5

Joey Ramone Youtube

In my opinion, the truest form of a “Rock Star’, is being cool without even trying. It might sound easy, but look at the trends and history of Rock music. You basically have two groups. The innovators and the followers.  Joey Ramone was an innovator in every sense of the word. Read more [+]

Zombie Apocalypse? There’s A Map For That.

The rise in Zombie popularity and concern for a takeover in the recent years has got me freaked. Ya, sure they have always had their little niche in pop culture, but why the hell is the topic on the rise at an alarming rate? Movies, books, survival guides, scientific studies etc. Could it happen?! And what if it does?!  YOU NEED A PLAN!


Me? Well like most Montanans I have sh*tload of guns. Thats the first thing I’m doing. Grabbing them all and hitting the road. I’m heading home to the family farm where I can hold up for as long as I need, provided I have the necessities. I suggest you do the same. My suggestion for priorities:  Read more [+]

When Using The Term “Rock ‘N Roll” is Inappropriate

Rockstar Radio

Rockstar Radio

The term “Rock ‘N Roll” is probably the most over used phrase out there today. If not, it comes in a close second behind “Fuck You” or “I Can’t Go Back To Prison!”.  I’m probably one of the worst offenders.  I use it daily, more than once, when I probably shouldn’t.  Lately it has become a verbal crutch when I get super shitfaced. I get super drunk and can’t understand a goddamn thing anyone is saying to me, so I’ll just use it in a response.




Bartender – Can I get you something?

Me – Rock ‘N Roll!

Bartender – Umm.. What’s in that?

Me – (*Pause)   Rock ‘N Roll!

Bartender – I’m sorry I don’t know what that is. Can I get you something else?

Me – (*throws metal fists in air)   Rock ‘N Roll!! Woooo!

Bartender – Get the fuck out. Read more [+]

Novus Dae Checks In With Rockstar Radio Fans Featuring Producer Clint Lowery Of Sevendust! (Video)


Novus Dae Promo Photo

Connecticut rockers, Novus Dae, are hard at work putting together their next album with Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowery, at the production helm! Clint has signed on to make sure every ounce of talent gets poured into this record, and not surprisingly, everything is rockin like clockwork.  Clint is a real chill guy with the know-how to take this band to the next level.


If you haven’t yet heard of Novus Dae, check out what some heavy hitters in the industry are saying about the band:


Rick DeJesus
Adelitas Way, Lead Vocalist
“Novus Dae rocks! They are a band to look out for, their music is deep and packs a punch even deeper, I’m a Fan!” Read more [+]

Volbeat And Rockstar Radio

Shawn From Rockstar Radio With Volbeat 2011

I don’t really remember how I found them… I think I was reading some worldwide rock music article back in 2008 or 2009 and it mentioned this rock band out of Denmark.  It was the name that caught my attention. “VOLBEAT“. Like the volume of the beat, or maybe some badass Danish word for “High Volume”?  Either way I wanted to find out more, so of course I hit up youtube.  From there I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough, dude. Read more [+]

New Cover Songs You Should Really Listen To

Candlelight Red Youtube

Cover tunes have always been a part of Rock Music.  Taking somebody’s original work, and putting your own sound and style on it can totally re-invent a track. Sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse.  I really thought that the cover song fad had hit it’s pinnacle a few years ago. So many bands started doing them because it was almost a guarantee that it would get airplay.  That was the formula: Do a cover THEN release the original single. Hey, it worked.  Think about it. Read more [+]

Is Dubstep The new Disco?

While stopping by a local “Gentleman’s Club”, I noticed about 50-70% of the music the dancers were using was Dubstep.  If you are unfamiliar with Dubstep, just watch any new movie trailer, commercial, or radio station geared toward the 12-35 year old demographic. Seriously, its effing everywhere.


Now, this scene/format is not new by any means.  Until recently it’s kind of been considered underground. I remember local DJ’s tossing in a mix here and there at the clubs back in 2002. I’m sure it’s been around longer than that.. I’m not saying I’m an expert  on the subject, so hold your tongue. The reason this recent influx of Dubstep really interests me, is it’s ability to cross over into other music styles.  Mainly Rock/Metal. Read more [+]

Goodnight, And Good Luck

..As I sit here listening to Irish Pub songs on Pandora (Yes, Pandora. As much as I love radio, it kind of sucks lately. Call it lack of balls. Lack of passion or innovation.. Whatever.  Anyway, Pandora just plays music.  It’s like an ipod. No talking. Very few commercials.. Wait. Fuck. I’m rambling) and thinking about all the incredible times I’ve had rocking the Missoula airwaves. Read more [+]