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Greatest Rock Stage Moves Round One (Poll)

Zakk Wylde/Screen



Just like professional wrestlers, Rock Stars have had their own special “moves” throughout history.  It identifies them. It’s their brand, their style, and image. Some might be cheesy or funny, but you can pick out who the rockstar is just by seeing what special stage move they are doing, and that right there is the goddamn point.  Nobody remembers the Bass Player that stands in one spot all night, but they sure as hell remember the one that comes out wearing nothing but a tube sock and jumps from side to side like a drunk leprechaun. Read more [+]

I’m On That Weird Part Of The Internet Again (VIDEOS)

We’ve all done it. And by “it” I mean cruising the interwebs for the most messed up sh*t we could find. It’s all out there somewhere. Don’t believe me? Try this little experiment:

1. Go To Google

2. At the top of the page click “Images”

3. Make sure the sure you change the “Safe Search” bar (far right) to “off”

4. Think of something totally fucked up, and Google it.


See what I mean?! There isn’t a whole lot that hasn’t been done, and then posted to the internets. And it just so happens I stumble upon some of the most messed up stuff out there. I must warn you, some of what you might see/hear might be offensive. So browse the following at your own risk. Read more [+]

Win A Black Oxygen Prize Pack

Black Oxygen Facebook

Kansas City up and comers, Black Oxygen, have been hard at work. Lately it’s been a non stop tour schedule with everything from huge festivals to smaller intimate shows. You can tell this band is hungry. On top of that they have just released their new record, The American Dream.

Chances are if you live near an Active Rock/New Rock radio station you have caught their latest single “Take It To The Limit” (Below).  Now, even if you somehow haven’t seen these guys on tour, or heard their music on radio, they are stepping it up a notch to make sure you get the Black Oxygen experience. They want to give you a copy of their brand new, full length CD…. FOR FREE!  Along with the album, I’ll be pairing up 2 winners with a Rockstar Radio t-shirt (NSFW)!

Win This Sh*t!!

Read more [+]

12 Years Of Pure Montana Metal (Event)

Montana Metal

In homage to possibly the raddest bitch to ever broadcast on Rock Radio Airwaves, Demonlily Entertainment is throwing the biggest Metal party that Montana has possibly ever seen! Read more [+]

5 Questions With Rino From Stellar Revival On Rockstar Radio™ (Audio)

Stellar Revival

Stellar Revival have been making big waves in the Active Rock world with their latest single, “The Crazy Ones“. The first thing that caught my ear about this track was the “it” factor. Right out of the gate it’s a fun, rockin track with plenty of swagger.  Wanna know why you should be paying the .99 cents for this song right now? Click HERE

This week I caught up with Stellar Revival frontman, Rino Cerbone, for a quick five question interview. I wanted to know Read more [+]

5 Websites To Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse (NSFW)

With the recent story of the naked dude eating the homeless dude’s face off in Miami (apparently he was all jacked up on PCP and Bath Salts… Sorry for partyin, right?!), it has become apparent that the Zombie Apocalypse could very well be right around the corner. I know what you’re thinking “Shawn, the guy was crazy on drugs, not a Zombie!” Well did I also mention police had to shoot this crazy mother fucker 5 times in the chest and then finally once in the head to kill him?! Guess who else you need to shoot in the head to kill? ZOMBIES, MOTHER FUCKER! Read more [+]

Ugly Kid Joe Release New “Devils Paradise” Video (Review)

Ugly Kid Joe Youtubube

When you think, Ugly Kid Joe, you automatically think I Hate Everything About You. It’s tough not to have every bands one big hit stuck in your subconscious when the name arrises. The fact is, even back in the 90’s the band was much more than that. Whitfield Crane’s vocals are unmistakable (which is an amazing feat by itself), and lets not forget about Shannon f*ckin Larkin. That guy is an animal on the drums! Read more [+]

5 Reasons To Listen To Stellar Revival: “The Crazy Ones” (Video)

Stellar Revival

Florida Rockers, Stellar Revival, have released their new single and video for “The Crazy Ones“.  From the first 30 seconds or so of listening, I was pretty much like “Fuck. Yes.” If you are anything like me, you’re a bit tired of all the new rock sounding the exact same. You can blame the record companies, or the bands, or management. Whatever. The fact is a lot of new shit does sound the same, and its really great when you hear something a bit different like this single. I’ve compiled 5 good reasons why you need to listen to this new track. Read more [+]

Rockstar Radio™ Presents “The Greatest Mix To Intercourse To” PT 2 (The One Night Stand)

Now that we have covered the importance of the “Intercourse Mix”, and how each  sexual situation calls for a different approach, lets touch on one of my favorite examples. The One Night Stand.

If you have never had yourself a one night stand, then you my friend are missing out. There are no strings attached, no preconceived notions of a relationship, no guilt, and hopefully a very small bar tab. You are both are there for one thing: Fun sex!

Now, contrary to popular belief, I haven’t had many one night stands. The last time it happened I woke up in a sorority house and the girl was trying to rush me out as I was passing by half naked chicks at 7 a.m. I thought “well it probably isn’t going to get better than this” so I kinda stop chasing the one night stand. The only thing I regret about that night, is not having this bitchin mix!


Rockstar Radio™ Presents: The Greatest Mix To Intercourse To (Pt. 1)

When and why did we ever stop making mixes? I used to have a mix for everything! A road trip mix, a workout mix, a makeout mix, hell one time I even had a breakup mix (fuck off, so did you). Now in an Ipod/Pandora/Spotify world, it seems “mix tapes” have gone the way of the Buffalo.

After unpacking a few things in my new SoCal home, I came across a cd case that contained an old “lets get naked mix” from back in ’06, and not to toot my own horn, but it was pretty damn good. I thought “why the hell didn’t ever sit down and perfect this?” Well the truth is, a true sex mix can’t ever be perfect. Just like sex itself, each partner has different tastes and styles. So I have come up with 3 different mixes with 3 different common situations that you might find yourself in. Chances are one of these bad boys is gonna work real well for you. Read more [+]