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Bikini Hockey League Is Coming!

A new Bikini Hockey League us underway to try and fill the void of the 2012 NHL Lockout. While most die hard hockey fans would probably agree this isn’t exactly what they were looking for, I don’t think we will hear to many complaints. Read more [+]

9 Electric: New Rock You Have To Hear (Interview/Videos)


Los Angeles electronic/rock band 9 Electric recently opened for Static X at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I was on hand to cover the show. I was down in front taking pictures for the website, and it didn’t take but a few minutes for me to realize two things.  1. These guys (9 Electric) are f*cking great! 2. Why the hell had I not heard of them before? After the set, I knew I had to feature them, and get the word out. It’s time you were introduced to this slamming new band. Read more [+]

Today’s Rap Music. Anyone Can Do It (Audio)

A new smart phone application has come along that lets virtually anyone become a rap sensation in minutes. No more costly studio’s or auto-tune editing. This thing literally does it all. And the best part, it’s free. Read more [+]

Replace Water With Liquor In Sealed Bottles For Events/Cruises (Video)

How To Bring Your Own Vodka

Lets face it. The price gouging for booze at sporting events, concerts, cruises is unreal. I recently paid $9 for a sixteen ounce draft beer at a show. Some of you might be thinking, “Well that’s not so bad. I’ve paid much more.” Therein lies the problem. Prices for goods will continue to rise no matter what. It’s just the way things work, but the price for liquor and beer at events are climbing at astronomical rates. Why? Because they can. People want a cold beer at a good rock show, and they will pay for it. The distributors figure, “Why not charge out the ass for it then?”

If you break down that $9 beer I mentioned previously you can see how bad I was getting overcharged. Read more [+]

Your Buffet Table Looks Like Goat Piss (Wrong Number Textperiment)

Shitty Hotel Buffett Table

After the last Textual Experiment, I knew nothing would ever compare to the run-around that I gave poor Henry. This time I figured I would go with a more friendly/professional approach.  It all started when I randomly received a picture of a buffet table (above) at a hotel from a California number. Now I even though I live in Cali now, I still don’t know many people. I know even less people that work at hotels. I knew this was a wrong number, and I knew what I had to do. Somehow I feel like I actually helped this individual overcome his/her shitty day with a simple conversation with a stranger. Enjoy! Read more [+]

Universal Choke Sign x Ambedext “Streets Rock” (Video)

It’s finally here! Missoula Metal meets Missoula Hip hop in the new track featuring Universal Choke Sign and Ambedext in “Streets Rock” The video was shot with the help of many Missoula fans from both sides of the musical spectrum on June 2nd and 3rd. Read more [+]

Greatest Stage Moves In Rock/Metal: Round 3 (Poll)

GG Allin







With Zakk Wylde and Wayne Static moving on the the finals, we have one more round of voting before 3 Rock Stars are chosen to see who has the greatest stage moves in Rock/Metal!

Read more [+]

Does Dark Side Of The Moon Really Sync Up With The Wizard Of Oz? See For Yourself

Courtesy Of Facebook

We have all heard the myth. “(Insert bong noise here) Dude.. if you start Dark Side Of The Moon right at the 3rd lions roar on the start of Wizard Of Oz it syncs right up with the movie.. *Cough *Cough.” Have I tried it before? Of course I have.  Due to many different variations on where to start it, and even what kind of media to play the album off of, but I never really got it. The rumor has never died out though.. There HAS to be something there. I mean you can even attend a “Dark Side Of The Rainbow” concert/screening! Read more [+]

Vote Now On Rock/Metal Greatest Stage Moves Round 2 (Poll)

Amon Amarth/Screen





With Zakk Wylde taking a big win in round one and moving on to the finals, lets see who has the best stage moves in round 2. Vote now! Read more [+]

Wednesday 13 At The Whisky With Davey Suicide Show Review (Video/Photos)

Wednesday 13 Live At The Whisky A Go Go

This June 13th marked another round of “Wednesday 13 on Wednesday 13th” at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. This time they were stopping by on the “Summer Of Blood” tour. If this was going to be anything like the last time, I knew I was in for killer night. Read more [+]