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Watch These Super Hot Chicks Get Naked And Go Snowboarding (NSFW) (Video)

It's a bit nipply out

It’s a bit nipply out

I pretty much hate anything to do with snow. Skiing, sledding, building snow men.. you get the idea. It wasn’t until I watched this video that I had a completely new outlook on snowboarding. I’ll pretty much like any sport if chicks get naked and do it. Read more [+]

Rammstein Made A Porno And Called It A Music Video. Seriously, The Video For “Pussy” Is Full Of Boobs And Splooge. NSFW [Video]

It takes huge German balls to whip out your wang and get it on with a porn star for your own video, but that’s exactly what Rammstein did for the “Pussy” music video. Read more [+]

Hot Asian Chick Plays Guitar With Her Lady Parts (NSFW)

At first I asked, “What is this hot Asian chick going to do with this guitar?” My question was quickly answered as she straddled it and started riding it like she was auditioning for a porno. Read more [+]

Ivet Lalova Gives Michelle Jenneke A Run For Her Money In The Sexy Pre-Race Race Warm Up

After watching Michelle Jenneke’s warm up routine, I didn’t think I could love another woman. That is until I recently watched Bulgarian sprinter, Ivet Lalova warming up her glutes, pre-race. Read more [+]

Would You Have Sex With Your Favorite Porn Star If Given The Chance? (Poll)

C’mon. We’ve all thought about it. What if you really had the chance to get it on with your favorite adult film actress/actor, would you do it? Here are some pros and cons that ran across my mind while mulling over the question. Read more [+]

Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s Pre-Race Routine Could Be The Sexiest Thing On The Internet

Good on’ya, Michelle

Recently in Barcelona, Australian runner, Michelle Jenneke, competed in the 100 meter hurdles at the World Junior Championships. For whatever reason, some goddamn hero cameraman focused on her, and only her, during her pre-race warm up routine. If I could shake that guys hand and buy him a beer, it would be my honor to say the least.  Watch the video below to see why your wife/girlfriend will never be good enough. Read more [+]

Octomom Nude Pics And Uncensored Porno Trailer Released

After her stint in the media for shooting 133,267,353,124,999,543, kids out of her clown car vagina, Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has recently starred in a porno to pay the bills. Big time industry production company, Wicked Pictures, are backing this little project, and it seems things are almost wiped up and finished. Read more [+]