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Slingshot Test Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Slingshot Channel

Regretting Life Decisons

If you haven’t heard of the the “Slingshot Channel” then you need to re-evaluate some of your life choices. Joerge Sprave is a homemade slingshot inventor/builder with a mind of a goddamn genius. Some of the slingshots he creates are beyond cool, and watching him test them out will turn you into a 10 year old kid. What happened on this test run was not expected, and it’s not for anybody with a weak stomach. Read more [+]

Kate Upton’s Boobs In Slow Motion Is Seriously Too Much To Handle (Video)

Kate Upton, I love you

Kate Upton, I love you

Sure, we’ve all stared at Kate Upton’s wicked awesome boobs. But have you stared at them in slow motion on a modeling runway? Well you’re about to! Read more [+]

Surfer Anastasia Ashley Has The Second Hottest Warm Up Dance Ever (Video)

Anastasia surfer

Anastasia Ashley warming up before hitting the waves.

26 year old professional surfer, Anastasia Ashley, has quite the unique warm up dance. Just before hitting the waves, she breaks down here own twerking routine to get amped up. Check out the video. Read more [+]

Soulwax Has Created The Coolest And Creepiest Radio App Ad Ever: MACHINE (NSFW Video)



What is Soulwax and what does it do? I have no goddamn idea. From the ad, I know it has something to do with music, and your smart phone. Other than that, all I know is they are creative as hell when it comes to advertising. Check out the Soulwax campaign video here. Read more [+]

Why Did This Pamela Anderson Commercial Get Banned In Britain(Video)

Crazy Domains Commercial

Pan Anderson Crazy Domains Banned Ad

At 45 years old, Pamela Anderson has still got it. Maybe a little too much. Known for marrying various Rock Stars and being a sex icon in the 90’s, the Canadian born model/actress has recently starred in a new crazydomains.com commercial that has been judged “too sexy” for British television. Watch the video and find out why here. Read more [+]

Steel Panther Play The Playboy Mansion. Boobs Everywhere. (Video) (NSFW)

Satchel/Steel Panther

Satchel/Steel Panther

When Steel Panther and Playboy Bunnies get together in one place, you know exactly what’s going to happen. Boobs. Boobs everywhere.  Read more [+]

Porn Stars Do The Harlem Shake Video (NSFW Obviously)

Chicks hanging out for pizza in a locker room wearing bikinis. Pretty standard.

Chicks hanging out for pizza in a locker room wearing bikinis. Pretty standard.

The Harlem shake craze has taken over the nation like an STD spreading through you high school girlfriends immune system. Every office, sports team, military, media outlet, and nike sweatshop are getting in on this sweet dance action. In no way is the Harlem Shake annoying at all, you guys. Well, it’s less annoying now that a group of lady porn starlets have gotten in on the action.  Read more [+]

Happy Fat Tuesday! Here Is A Video Of Kate Upton In A Painted On Bikini

Kate Upton, I love you

Kate Upton, I love you

Wikipedia defines “Fat Tuesday” as “The practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lentel season.” Well, I honestly don’t know what the fuck Wikipedia is talking about, but I do know beads, boobs and hurricanes are the staple of any good Mardi Gras kickoff. In honor of that, our favorite natural breasted beauty, Kate Upton, has bared it all with nothing but a painted bikini for your Fat Tuesday Enjoyment.  Read more [+]

It’s a Slow News Day So Here’s A Hot Girl With Huge Cans Riding A Bike In A Bikini On A Bumpy Road

Move along. Nothing To See Here.

Move along. Nothing To See Here.

A mega hot chick with huge cans in a bikini riding a bicycle is just what the doctor ordered on a slow rock/metal news day.  Read more [+]

Rugby Just Became Incredibly Awesome With This Sexy Instructional Video

It's like staring at a unicorn

It’s like staring at a unicorn

Fact is, I know dick shit about Rugby. Hell, even after watching this instructional video, I still don’t. Wanna know why? Because I was starting at the chicks doing the goddamn demonstrations. Let’s face it, this video isn’t really supposed to “teach” you anything, but rather “show” you. See what I mean below. Read more [+]