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New Knockout Bong Will Knock Your Mind Right Out Your Ass [VIDEO]

Has science gone to far?

Has science gone to far?

This new 3 in one bong attachment has the ability to take any party interfuckingplanetary! Use it to drink, smoke, or both.. at the same time. Check out the video. Read more [+]

Steel Panther Release Video for “Glory Hole”. Yes, They Have A Song Called “Glory Hole” [NSFW VIDEO]

Steel Panther Michael Starr

Last week, Steel Panther unleashed their third full length album titled “All You Can Eat“. The album contains hit songs like “Bukkake Tears”, “Pussywhipped” and “Fuckin My Heart In The Ass”. The band decided to go with a more subtle song, “Glory Hole” for a new video however. Watch here.  Read more [+]

There Is a Song And Music Video About A Fleshlight. No Big Deal [NSFW]

Daniel James and the Fleshlightes


Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this Fleshlight music video, because there is no dignified response. All I can tell you is, I really wasn’t shopping for one. Sometimes the internet just takes you places or whatever. Leave me alone.  Read more [+]

After Two Years “Call On Me” From Eric Prydz Is Still The Best Video On The Internet

Eric Prydz Call On Me

When our forefathers had a dream of making music videos, this is exactly what I imagine they had in mind. Wow. Just.. Wow.  Read more [+]

Kate Upton Does A Zero Gravity Photo Shoot For Sports Illustrated [VIDEO]

Kate Upton Zero Gravity

What could be better than seeing Kate Upton in a skimpy bikini? How about Kate Upton in a skimpy bikini in Zero Gravity? Read more [+]

Race Fan Flashes Huge Boobs and Causes Driver To Crash [VIDEO]

Driver Boob Crash

Being a guy, it’s just to hard not too take a look at a nice fan flashing her boobs, even when you’re in the middle of the race. Men see everything when breasts are involved.  Read more [+]

One Direction Fangirl Argument Reenacted By Two Old Dudes. Pants Pissingly Funny [VIDEO]

You Eat A Shit

You Eat A Shit

If you’ve ever ran across a boy band’s youtube video (if so, what the fuck is wrong with you?), you will notice the insane amount of ridiculous arguments about who loves who more by some completely brainwashed teens.  One such argument was reenacted in real life by two old men, with some serious acting chops. Its goddamn Hilarious! Read more [+]

ROCKSTAR RADIO: No Panty Throwback Thursday [AUDIO]

NPT Rockstar Radio

Awwww Yeeeeaaaa

It seems like just yesterday the sexy, independent women of Missoula, Montana, were calling in by the dozens every Thursday to claim their “downstairs freedom”. No Panty Thursday became a staple of Montana Rock Radio almost overnight. These are some of my favorite call highlights.  Read more [+]

Rachel Williams Slow Motion Bouncing Boobs Will Give Meaning To Your Life (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Rachel Williams Slow Motion


Zoo Magazine have provided the internet with a slow motion video of their “British Babe” winner,  Rachel Williams, bouncing up and down and it’s more beautiful than a Unicorn and Narwhal getting in on high on cocaine. (VIDEO) Read more [+]

Steel Panther Premiere “This Week In Music” Series (Video) NSFW

Steel Panther Music

Steel Panther

Nobody in Rock knows what’s cooler when it comes to music than Steel f*ckin Panther. That’s why they have decided to do a weekly “This Week In Music” segment to let you know what’s good, and what licks balls. Read more [+]