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Hinder Interviewed On Rockstar Radio. Listen To New Single “Save Me” (Audio)

Hinder Logo

Recently Joe “Blower” Garvey from Hinder joined Shawn on Rockstar Radio to talk about their new single, calling their own shots, and the future of Hinder. Read more [+]

“Adler” Is Back From The Dead (Interview)

Adler Album Cover

Adler have released their new album “Back From The Dead“. As I sat down to listen, I didn’t know what to expect. Being familiar with Steven Adler’s past, part of me thought that it might just be another attempt from a tattered rock star trying to piece something together to make a few bucks, but I knew better.  Read more [+]

Rockstar Radio™ Interview With Mitch Lucker

Suicide Silence Facebook

After hearing the news that Mitch Lucker has passed away due to a motorcycle accident, it got me thinking. This was a guy that was badass to the core. I was shaken and also almost happy in a sick way to see one of the last tweets:

Mitch Lucker Twitter

I wanted to share the interview that I did with Mitch years ago. He discussed the his daughter, and why it was scary for him to bring her up in the world we live in. Most people don’t know that Mitch was a huge germaphobe, and we had a good laugh about how well that works for him being on tour with 5000 germ covered fans everyday. I was blessed to have the chance to speak with Mitch, and personally hope people remember him for the person he was. A complete fucking badass.


Cherri Bomb Interviewed On The New KX 935 By Shawn Of Rockstar Radio

The ladies of Cherri Bomb were on hand to rock the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano for the O.C Bandstand. Shawn was on hand with his brand new station, KX 935 “Laguna’s Only FM” to interview Cherri Bomb. Find out how this band got together, what it was like to open for Steel Panther, and why you need to see their live show!

Read more [+]

9 Electric: New Rock You Have To Hear (Interview/Videos)


Los Angeles electronic/rock band 9 Electric recently opened for Static X at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I was on hand to cover the show. I was down in front taking pictures for the website, and it didn’t take but a few minutes for me to realize two things.  1. These guys (9 Electric) are f*cking great! 2. Why the hell had I not heard of them before? After the set, I knew I had to feature them, and get the word out. It’s time you were introduced to this slamming new band. Read more [+]

5 Questions With Hyro Da Hero On Rockstar Radio

If you haven ‘t heard of Hyro Da Hero yet, chances are you will soon. The self proclaimed “Gangsta Rock” artist is gaining ground quickly, one fan at a time. With a mix of Rage Against The Machine meets Public Enemy, Hyro Da Hero could just be the change in music you’ve been waiting for. I recently interviewed Hyro to see what all the buzz was about.  All I can say is the man is on a mission, and you need to get on board. Read more [+]

Wednesday 13 At The Whisky With Davey Suicide Show Review (Video/Photos)

Wednesday 13 Live At The Whisky A Go Go

This June 13th marked another round of “Wednesday 13 on Wednesday 13th” at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. This time they were stopping by on the “Summer Of Blood” tour. If this was going to be anything like the last time, I knew I was in for killer night. Read more [+]

5 Questions With Rino From Stellar Revival On Rockstar Radio™ (Audio)

Stellar Revival

Stellar Revival have been making big waves in the Active Rock world with their latest single, “The Crazy Ones“. The first thing that caught my ear about this track was the “it” factor. Right out of the gate it’s a fun, rockin track with plenty of swagger.  Wanna know why you should be paying the .99 cents for this song right now? Click HERE

This week I caught up with Stellar Revival frontman, Rino Cerbone, for a quick five question interview. I wanted to know Read more [+]

Volbeat And Rockstar Radio

Shawn From Rockstar Radio With Volbeat 2011

I don’t really remember how I found them… I think I was reading some worldwide rock music article back in 2008 or 2009 and it mentioned this rock band out of Denmark.  It was the name that caught my attention. “VOLBEAT“. Like the volume of the beat, or maybe some badass Danish word for “High Volume”?  Either way I wanted to find out more, so of course I hit up youtube.  From there I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough, dude. Read more [+]

The Damned Things Interviewed On Rockstar Radio™ (Video)

When I first heard that members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, and Every Time I Die were joining rock forces to make an album, I was a bit skeptical like the rest of you.  Fall Out Boy?? REALLY?!! I’ll be the first diehard rock fan to admit, their debut album “Ironiclast” was an effing rock monster! The term “Rock “N Roll” gets thrown around like slutty girl at prom, but this album is straight up ROCK ‘N F*CKIN ROLL!! Missoula, Montana was beyond blessed to have The Damned Things step foot into the Wilma Theatre to open for Volbeat in April of 2011. Read more [+]