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One Direction Fangirl Argument Reenacted By Two Old Dudes. Pants Pissingly Funny [VIDEO]

You Eat A Shit

You Eat A Shit

If you’ve ever ran across a boy band’s youtube video (if so, what the fuck is wrong with you?), you will notice the insane amount of ridiculous arguments about who loves who more by some completely brainwashed teens.  One such argument was reenacted in real life by two old men, with some serious acting chops. Its goddamn Hilarious! Read more [+]

Rockstar Radio Telemarketer Prank: Buying Babies On The Black Market [Audio]


I recently ran across a gold mine of old Rockstar Radio telemarketer pranks after a talking to my homeboy, Strip Club K.C.  He texted me asking about an old bit we did with the Gettysburg address. As I went diggin through some old files I came across a “F*ckin With Telemarketers” folder. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Read more [+]

Is This The Worst Stage Diving Fail Ever? [Video]

Stage Dive Fail

Watsky Stage Dive

During a performance at a recent U.K Warped Tour, rapper George Watsky decided to attempt an incredibly ballsy stage dive, and failed miserably. Read more [+]

Zombie Tools VS Pumpkins. Fuck Yeah [Video]

Zombie Weapons

Zombie Tools VS Pumpkins

Missoula, Montana, is famous for many things. One of which is ‘Zombie Tools’. An actual business that designs, forges, and sells weapons for the Zombie Apocalypse. Check out their latest video where they use some of their new toys on some big ass pumpkins. Read more [+]

Learn How To Play Death Metal With This Hilarious Lesson From Superquest [Video]

Superquest Death Metal

John Whitten/Superquest

Learning Death Metal has never been easier with this hilarious video lesson from Superquest’s John Whitten. Read more [+]

What The Shit Was Van Halen Doing On South Park? [VIDEO]

South Park Van Halen

Van Halen South Park

Last nights new episode of South Park featured rock gods, Van Halen. Watch the video to see what the shit they were doing. Read more [+]

ROCKSTAR RADIO: No Panty Throwback Thursday [AUDIO]

NPT Rockstar Radio

Awwww Yeeeeaaaa

It seems like just yesterday the sexy, independent women of Missoula, Montana, were calling in by the dozens every Thursday to claim their “downstairs freedom”. No Panty Thursday became a staple of Montana Rock Radio almost overnight. These are some of my favorite call highlights.  Read more [+]

Delivering The Goods: Foo Fighters Find Out They Will Be Playing Mexico City In This Hilarious Video

Dave Grohl Mexico Announcement Video

Delivering The Goods

The Foo Fighters recently announced that they would be hitting the stage once again after a year long hiatus, and have chosen Mexico City as their first stop. Watch this hilarious video to see how the band found out they would be heading south of the border! Read more [+]

Marilyn Manson Scares The Shit Out Of Some Kids In A New Funny Or Die Video

Marilyn Manson

Shock Rocker, Marilyn Manson, stars in a hilarious new Funny Or Die video in which he tells messed up stories around a campfire. You have to see this video! Read more [+]

Steel Panther: Party Like It’s The End Of The Word [VIDEO] NSFW

Steel Panther Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World

Heavy Metal shockers, Steel Panther, have just unleashed their brand new video for “Party Like It’s The End Of The World”, and of course it’s filled with boobs, booze, drugs, celebrities, and porn stars. NSFW VIDEO Read more [+]