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Some Crazy Asshole Mashed Up Every Song On Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” with Gangnam Style [AUDIO]

Psy and Linkin Park

Youtube user, RosalinaSama, has taken every song from Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” and given it a mashup twist with “Gangnam Style” from Korean pop star, Psy. Check out all the songs, and even download all the album for free here.  Read more [+]

Isolated Vocal Track From Van Halen’s “Running With The Devil” Is Pretty Funny

Van Halen Vocals Only

In 1978 Van Halen released their self titled, debut album. On said album is one of the greatest Rock ‘N Roll songs ever recorded, but have you ever heard “Running With The Devil” with just the vocal track? Read more [+]

A Very Megadeth Christmas on Jimmy Kimmel Live! [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel Megadeth

Metal veterans, Megadeth, were recent musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel LIve! Being that it’s the holidays, they though it might be a good idea to premiere their new “A Very Megadeth Chistmas” album. You’re going to love it.  Read more [+]

Watch This Weird Asshole Karate Dance To The Offsrping [VIDEO]

Karate pit

Nice moves, bro.

There always has to be one weird bastard in the pit. The dude that does the windmill fists, or the emo kid who just whips it out and starts peeing everywhere. I gotta say, this kid going full bore on his made up Karate moves while the Offspring plays over the speakers is now my favorite.  Read more [+]

Rockstar Radio: Chinese Food Takeout Prank Call [AUDIO]

Rockstar Radio Swagger Logo


This prank has definitely been attempted before, but I always wondered, “was it real”? I mean could you REALLY put two workers from two different Chinese food restaurants on the phone together to make them think they were taking an order from each other? The answer is a simple “YES”!  Read more [+]

Ron Burgundy Sings Hatebreed On Dan Patrick Show [VIDEO]

Hatebreed Dan Patrick

Ron Burdundy, AKA Will Ferrell, made stop by the Dan Patrick show and showed his metal chops when he sang a Hatebreed segment intro called “Stat Of The Day”. Read more [+]

“South Of The Grapevine” Slayer and Marvin Gay Mashup. Sweet Satan’s Balls This Is Awesome [Audio]


marvin gaye slayer mashup

Why would you mash up Slayer’s “South of Heaven” and Mavin Gaye’s “Heard It Through The Grapevine? Why the hell wouldn’t you?! Listen here.  Read more [+]

Pearl Jam Cuts Off Dudes 3 Feet Of Dreadlocks At Spokane Show [Video]

Pearl Jam Spokane

Eddie Vedder cuts off a fans dreadlocks in trade for a song request

A die hard Pearl Jam fan was willing to trade his dreadlocks for one song request at a recent Pearl Jam show in Spokane, Washington. The band obliged. Watch Eddie Vedder give an epic haircut in this video. Read more [+]

Heavy Metal Meth Head Gets After It [VIDEO]

Meth Metal Head

Sorry For Partyin

Somewhere in Portland, Oregon, walks a shirtless Heavy Metal Meth Head that loves himself some Sepultura. This elusive creature was caught on film jamming with his bitchin discman. Take a look. Read more [+]

“LOL F*ck You”: Nirvana’s Response When Asked To Play To A Backing Track On Top Of The Pops [VIDEO]



In 1991, at the near pinnacle of their career, Nirvana was asked to perform on widely popular British music television show “Top Of The Pops”.  One request was made by the show, and it went over like the fat girl at the strip club.  Read more [+]