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There Is a Song And Music Video About A Fleshlight. No Big Deal [NSFW]

Daniel James and the Fleshlightes


Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this Fleshlight music video, because there is no dignified response. All I can tell you is, I really wasn’t shopping for one. Sometimes the internet just takes you places or whatever. Leave me alone.  Read more [+]

Lamb Of God vs Kesha In A Tik Tok Redneck Mashup [VIDEO]

Randy Blythe

Lamb Of God

No, I’m not joking. Somebody with a warped sense of humor and too much time did a mash up of Lamb Of God “Redneck” with “Tik Tok” from Kesha. Listen if you dare.  Read more [+]

Jeff Gordon Does It Again: Pepsi Max Test Drive 2 Prank [VIDEO]

Jeff Gordon Prank


Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max have pulled another hilarious test drive prank. This time it’s on a reporter who doubted that the first episode was real.  Read more [+]

Neal Middleton of Royal Bliss Wants To Help You Get Lucky This Valentines Day [VIDEO]

Royal Bliss Singer

Forget flowers and chocolate this Valentines Day. Neal Middleton from Royal Bliss has a gift that is sure to get you laid this year. Hint: It’s their new record, Chasing The Sun. Read more [+]

Limp Bizkit Gets Mashed Up With Thomas The Train Theme. No, I’m Not Kidding. [AUDIO]

Break Stuff Mashup

It’s been a few years since I’ve listened to “Break Stuff” from Limp Bizkit. It’s been about as long since I’ve also listened to the theme song from Thomas The Train. Don’t judge me. Why would anyone decide to mash these to songs up? Because f*ck it. That’s why.  Read more [+]

Static-X and Salt-N-Pepa Get A “Push It” Mashup. Shit Just Got Real. [Video]

Push It Mashup Static X

Not that is should be a surprise, but it is. I mean they both have song a song called “Push It”, but Static-X and Salt-N-Pepa couldn’t be further on the musical spectrum, but somebody had to do it. Go ahead and listen. You know you want to. Read more [+]

Laptop Porn Prank is Pure Evil Genius. [VIDEO]

laptop porn library

You can always count on your best friends to back you up in a fight, to drink with you until you pass out, to tell you your girlfriend is a bitch, and to mess with you at every turn. This dudes friends pulled and easy, awesome prank with his laptop in the library.  Read more [+]

JuggaLOVE: Internet Dating for Juggalos [VIDEO]

Juggalos Dating

It seems like there’s internet dating websites for almost every race, religion and sexual preference. What about Juggalos? Well the wicked clown posse won’t have to meet their true love outside of the Porta Potties of “The Gathering” any longer. Introducing “JuggaLOVE”. Read more [+]

Race Fan Flashes Huge Boobs and Causes Driver To Crash [VIDEO]

Driver Boob Crash

Being a guy, it’s just to hard not too take a look at a nice fan flashing her boobs, even when you’re in the middle of the race. Men see everything when breasts are involved.  Read more [+]

Cooking Hostile With Phil Anselmo Episode 2 Now Online! [VIDEO]

Phil Anselmo Cooking Hostile

Just in time for New Years, Episode 2 of “Cooking Hostile” with Phil Anselmo is now online, and of course its awesome as f*ck! Read more [+]