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Steel Panther On Zakk Wylde: “Personally We Liked Him Better When He Was Drunk All The Time”

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Recently Guitar World threw their first ever “Rock “N Roll Roast” in back in January. The guest being roasted? The one and only Zakk F*ckin Wylde!  Although Zakk is one of the baddest mo fo’s on the planet, and in my opinion one of the very few rockers carrying the torch in the right direction for the scene, the amount of ammo to bust this guys balls is never ending. Read more [+]

St. Patrick’s Day Fail Highlights From Around The World (Videos)

Lets face it.  Most people have no idea what the premise of St. Patricks day is, including me.  As far as I know it has something to do with some dude in Ireland beating the shit out of some snakes with a giant stick.  Somehow that has evolved into a day where the entire world (yes, not just America and Ireland) throws on a Dropkick Murphy’s shirt, gets completely David Hasslehoff drunk, and makes some very questionable decisions. Check out some of the greatest ST Patrick’s Day Fails from around the globe. Read more [+]

Nerd Rage!

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We’ve all seen the kids at the mall playing this goddamn “Magic” game. To be fair, I don’t exactly know what it is, so I can bash on it. However, the people playing look like your stereotypical virgins. I’m not talking Jonas Brothers virgin either. I mean the “I live in my moms basement pounding gallons of code red while arguing about Star Trek virgins”.  Read more [+]

Rockstar Radio VS Telemarketers (Audio)

Most people hate telemarketers. As soon as you answer the phone and you hear the b.s pitch from the other end, ya hang up.  I, however, see how long I can mess with them.  Wether it’s trying to get them to fund my illegal panda meat business, Read more [+]

Danzig And His Mother F*ckin Bricks, Bitch!

So recently a story arose about Glenn Danzig having this huge pile of bricks in his front yard. Apparently it pissed off the neighbor enough to ask Glenn to clean them up. (FYI you don’t just walk up to Danzig and ask him to clean shit up.. it’s fuckin Danzig, dude) Read more [+]