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Punk Band Front Man Drop Kicks Fan For Taking Selfie On Stage (VIDEO)

Story So Far Dropkick Selfie

I have no idea who the band “The Story So Far” Is. As a matter of fact, I haven’t followed the Pop-Punk scene since the early 2000’s. After catching this story on my Facebook feed, I had to find out more.  Read more [+]

Two Toddler Sisters Slay Slayers “War Ensemble” [Video]

Rocksmith Slayer

Children performing Metal songs seems to be the new level of great parenting, and the parents of these two toddler sisters are up for an award. Watch as these kids Slay Slayers “War Ensemble” on Rocksmith! Read more [+]

The Biggest Guitar Fails of 2014 [VIDEO]

James Hetfield Guitar Fail

Everyone from James Hetfield of Metallica to Satchel of Steel Panther have become victim to a guitar fail in 2014, and of course it’s been captured. Check out these Rock Stars throw, smash, or just forget how to use their ax in this video. Read more [+]

Dude Shreds Too Hard In This Epic Heavy Metal Fail [VIDEO]

Metal Fail


This innocent bastard just wanted to do a sweet ass shredding video for all of youtube, but instead he accidentally recorded an epic Heavy Metal fail video due to simply shredding too hard. Watch here.  Read more [+]

New Knockout Bong Will Knock Your Mind Right Out Your Ass [VIDEO]

Has science gone to far?

Has science gone to far?

This new 3 in one bong attachment has the ability to take any party interfuckingplanetary! Use it to drink, smoke, or both.. at the same time. Check out the video. Read more [+]

This Chop Suey Cover Is So Bad You’ll Get Chlamydia [Video]


If you really want to butcher “Chop Suey” from System Of A Down, you have to take things to the next level. That’s right. Karaoke, bitch.  Read more [+]

This Spoof Of Disturbed’s Greatest Hits Is Pretty Damn Funny [VIDEO]

Disturbed Parody

Youtube user NonRandomNonSense has released a video spoof of Disturbed’s Greatest Hits. Even though it’s a poke at the band, it’s still pretty clever.  Read more [+]

System Of A Down Gets Mashed Up With Elton John for “Crocodile Chop” [VIDEO]

Crocodile Chop Mashup

Here we again. It’s another brilliantly creative music mashup. This time it features System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey” with the classic Elton John hit “Crocodile Rock”. Have a listen. Read more [+]

Steel Panther Release Video for “Glory Hole”. Yes, They Have A Song Called “Glory Hole” [NSFW VIDEO]

Steel Panther Michael Starr

Last week, Steel Panther unleashed their third full length album titled “All You Can Eat“. The album contains hit songs like “Bukkake Tears”, “Pussywhipped” and “Fuckin My Heart In The Ass”. The band decided to go with a more subtle song, “Glory Hole” for a new video however. Watch here.  Read more [+]

Guy Karate Chops Bricks On Fire While Playing Guitar. No Big Deal. [VIDEO]

Guitar fire brick video

Everyone has some weird talent. This guy’s talent happens to be lighting shit on fire and Karate chopping it with his bare hands while jamming on a guitar. Read more [+]