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Heidi Shepherd

The Butcher Babies opened for Black Label Society at a recent Revolver Golden God’s tour stop in Missoula, Montana. Read the review and see live stage pictures here.

Golden Gods Tour, Butcher BabiesIt has been a year or more since I had sat down with the Butcher Babies before their opening set for Marilyn Manson in Anaheim, California.  The band, fairly new to the scene, put on a great set for a very large headlining act. This time in Missoula would be no different.

This wasn’t the bands first stop at the Wilma Theatre. It’s easy for a hard touring group like the Butcher Babies to have every city sort of run together, but for them, Missoula would stick out. Maybe it was the scenery of this awesome city, or maybe it was the stellar rock crowd that shows up to the Wilma. My guess is a little of both.

The Butcher Babies made it a point to connect to the crowd right from the first blast beat. Carla and Heidi would both express their gratitude for the incredible metal welcome they receive every time they are in Missoula. That kind of connections is just one of the small things that these front women have grown to do since the last time I saw them.

The band as a whole had their set and sound down tight. The road has made them professionals. The energy and presence were as large as the theatre itself.  One thing I would like to note, is the band is really, REALLY good. I mean the actual guys playing the instruments. They get a bit overlooked due to the girls on the mic, but this band can slay. Next show you see, try and close your eyes and listen to just the band. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

As most opening acts, The Butcher Babies were only given about 25 minutes to get the crowd off their asses and moving, and they did just that. This band really ties the tour together. If you got yourself a ticket to the Golden Gods Tour, get there early. Don’t miss a second of this lineup!

Check out the live photos of the Butcher Babies set in Missoula, Montana, below

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