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Butcher Babies LIVE In Anaheim Pics + Interview

Butcher Babies Live In Anaheim

Butcher Babies Live In Anaheim

Minutes before the Butcher Babies were set to open for Marilyn Manson at the Grove in Anaheim, I caught up with them for an interview as they were frantically getting dressed and putting on make-up. The Butcher Babies are one of the most visually stunning bands to come out of L.A as of late, mainly due to their uber hot front women, Heidi and Carla.

The Butcher Babies have definitely blown up on the Hollywood music scene, and are aiming to take over the rest of the world on this latest Marilyn Manson tour. But it hasn’t been all luck. As I soon found out in the interview, their plan to draw you in visually and then blow you away sonically has been their plan all along..

Every opening band has a short set list that only gives them a few songs to drive their sound and brand into the crowd. With Heidi and Carla, it doesn’t take much time get the crowds attention, but you bet your ass its a full on team effort to keep them there. The rest of the band consisting of Henry Flury on Guitar, Jason Klein on Bass, and Chris Warner on Drums delivered the knock out punch that had the crowd locked in by the end of their set. Opening for Marilyn Manson is obviously a huge step for the Butcher Babies, and I’m excited to see where the go from here! Special thanks to Century Media the The Grove security staff for the opportunity to cover this show!





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